All-out Battle of Brains and Brawn at 2018’s Amazing Investment Race

Written By MEcO Bulletin | Mar 27, 2018 | FEATURES

Written by Migs Caparas / Photos by Samn Mercado

This year’s movie-themed Amazing Investment Race had been one of the most awaited events of MEcO. MEcOnistas and other Business Cluster organization members were invited for a night of survival of the fittest. Pumped with adrenaline and a winning cash prize, the participants were ready to show their competitors what it takes to be AIR’s champion. 

Participants cluelessly stood in one of the halls of the grade school area, only to be startled by sudden greeting of darkness as the lights went off in the already dimly lit area. Complete darkness spawned light in the form of Jigsaw, the horrible villain from the SAW series.In complete apathy and no sign of remorse, Jigsaw denounced the freedom of the participants. Unless…they successfully go through all the movie-themed stations of this year’s Amazing Investment Race!

AIR 2018 8Scared as they are at first, the participants surely forgot about Jigsaw’s threats, as his stations were full of nothing but fun!

After a short briefing, participants stood at the start line as they counted to zero. Neither of them knew what lies ahead. All they knew was that they are about to enter into some trouble. 

So, the games began. 

AIR 2018 10Rocky’s Workout pits participants in one of Rocky Balboa’s GRUELING exercise routine!

AIR 2018 11Shoot Troy’s hoops while hitting Gabriella’s notes in High School Musical

AIR 2018 12Find the Dino Eggs while acting like a T-Rex in Jurassic Park.

AIR 2018 13Test your Running skills in Mission Impossible!

AIR 2018 14Get down and dirty in the Bug’s life!

AIR 2018 6Do not forget to breathe in the Jackpot Heist.

AIR 2018 7Test your Beer Pong skills in Drinking Buddies!

air 2018 5Be quick or else the zombie will catch up you!

AIR 2018 4

By completing stations, participants won money. This money needed to be invested in the harder stations, in light of Jigsaws sadistic nature—they won more money if their competitors fail to complete these stations.

AIR 2018 3Ronnie the Bear can render teams frozen for five minutes if he manages to tag at least one teammate.

All of the Participants poured their bodies and minds out as they endured through the stations and thought through their investing strategies. However, only one team can come out on top. This year’s AIR champions are no other than this group right right here…


That concludes this year’s Amazing Investment Race where the battle is always a perfect mix of brains and brawn! Tune in next for the years to come for more action-packed and stocks-filled Amazing Races!

AIR group pic

I guess we are all out of popcorn after that Amazing Investment Race! MEcOnistas were not only able to take a break from school and org work, they were also able to express their skills, strengths, and creativity. Most importantly, no only did this year’s AIR get us on our feet and taught us the fundamentals of investing, it also took us back to movies we all know and love!