Home of the Bulls

Article by Migs Caparas

They say that MEcO is the only student organization under the business cluster who uses their org room.

We take that as a compliment! That statement says much on what kind of people are in the Management Economics Organization. Every organization preaches to their new members that they will be family to them, but can their org room back up that statement?

Does your org room have people from nine to five?

Does your org room have a cozy couch where people can rest in-between classes?

Does your org room have a bunch of noisy people playing MOBA (Mobile Legends) games with each other and even have a group chat for it?

Does your org room have random food lying around that is up for grabs for everyone?

Does your org room have playing cards that anyone can use during their free time?

I’m not sure about yours, but I’m assured that MVP318, and its residents will always be there for you no matter what time of the day, any day of the week!

No wonder MEcO’s members seem to know each other from head-to-toe—they have bonding sessions even outside of their events!

Everything starts in the org room. What are you waiting for? Give the MEcOBulls a visit and drop by!


Article by Janella Virrey

Since we are now three months into 2018, it is important to stop and contemplate about it—how enriching has the year been to us so far?

Investing does not always concern money. For those who think they haven’t done much in the past three months, maybe you should ask yourselves: “what are things worth investing in this year?”


Investing in your own personal growth and development is a great way of giving yourself some self-love. Investing in oneself has one of the most promising returns—not only is it profitable and beneficial in the future, but it offers present payoffs as well. Be it improving on a newfound talent, or engaging in interesting activities, there are plenty of ways to invest in yourself for the better.

  1. Education

Pursuing your education is one of the most important investments you can make for yourself. It can serve as a huge stepping-stone in helping you attain your main goals and aspirations in life. When you commit yourself into learning new things every day, it’s saying yes to a life with more prosperity and opportunity.

  1. Health

As they say, health is wealth! Hydrate yourself. Give yourself enough hours of sleep every night. Go on walks. Eat well. Make your skincare regime a regular thing in your daily routine. Basically, take good care of your wellbeing.

  1. Hobbies and interests

Look for something that piques your interest and allows you to improve your potential as an individual.

  1. Experiences

They say that experience is the best teacher. When an opportunity presents itself, go for it! Go beyond your comfort zone and make the most out of life. Instead of investing in material possessions, try and shift your resources into experiencing more out of life.

  1. Faith

It doesn’t have to necessarily be in a god. Find your guiding principle. Find that one thing that will give you a reason to wake up every morning—a reason to stay rooted with your own commitments.

  1. Rest and relaxation

We live in such a fast-paced, nonstop world. As students, an R&R every once in a while, is very much needed most especially when you’re on the verge of burning out. Sometimes, you have got to stop and pace yourself. Life’s not a journey, not a race.


Aside from yourself, you should also invest in your relationships with others.

  1. Family & friends

Spend more time with your family and friends. After all, they are the biggest support systems you could ever have.

  1. Connections

Establish new connections. Meet new people! Who knows, your soulmate may just be around the corner somewhere.


  1. Financial literacy

Take the time to learn more about what it means to be financially literate. Before venturing towards financial facets that are difficult to handle, it is important to go back to the basics. By equipping yourself with the fundamentals of financial literacy, you are able to make more informed money decisions for yourself.

  1. Money

Learn how to invest your money in order to make it grow. Even those who are adept in investing now started out not knowing a lot of things initially too. Look for people who are willing to help you out—seek for help from financial advisers and professionals, or ask your peers. Look for possible opportunities to learn more about investing.

One example of which, happening on the 20th of April, would be IMP (Investment Mentorship Program) Open Session. This MEcO project is a great avenue for those who want to gain basic investing knowhow.

Debunked: The Exclusive Home Org Perception

Article and Graphics by Mariel Avendaño

Have you ever found yourself in a home far much from what you imagined it to be?

I found my home in MEcO, a MEC home organization, and I’m sure others do as well. But the thing is, I’m very much different from the majority of the population in MEcO. Why? Well, I am not MEc.

Wait – let’s backtrack a little. So you say that MEcO is a home organization of Management Economics majors but other students from different courses are still welcomed to join it? That’s sounds about right, ladies and gentlemen of all degrees, MEcO is just a register away during RecWeek!

Looks can be deceiving, or in MEcO’s case, the name. Although the organization carries the name Ateneo Management Economics Organization which is very specific to what kind of students are part of it, there is about 42% of its 600 members who are non-MEC.

I, myself, have been fooled into thinking that I can’t possibly join MEcO because of its perceived exclusivity as a home organization. Moreover, I am afraid that as non-MEC, I will not be able to fit in. But lo and behold, here I am now – a loud and proud MEcOnista!

Although MEcO is technically not my home organization, in here I finally found my true home.

Lately, I had the chance to catch up with two of my orgmates, Maye Deles and Danielle Lambo, who are also proud non-MEC MEcOnistas like me. Witness how they found their way home to a family waiting for them with open-arms.

How do you know about MEcO?

Maye Deles: I heard about MEcO through a MEC friend of mine back in my freshman year. In the process of him trying to be active, he always, and I mean always , mentioned MEcO to me. From his blockmates, new-found friends, org events, couples, chika –– you name it. The org sounded really fun and engaging to me.

Danielle Lambo: I found out about MEcO during RecWeek of my sophomore year, when my blockmate urged me to join MEcO with her, only because of a guy who was able to convince her into joining. I remember being skeptical. I told myself I wouldn’t fit in. And even with those many doubts, I gave in and joined. Little did I know, I would be finding one of the highlights of my college -being part of this family we call MEcO.

How and why did you join MEcO?

Maye Deles: During my sophomore year, I felt like I wanted to try joining more organizations because I felt like I wasn’t as “at home” as I wanted to be in any of my previous orgs. I joined 6 orgs that year, and MEcO was one of them. My friends highly encouraged me to join because of this “family vibe” they’ve always been talking about, along with the many avenues to be active.

Danielle Lambo: I remember being skeptical. I told myself I wouldn’t fit in. And even with those many doubts, I gave in and joined. Little did I know, I would be finding one of the highlights of my college -being part of this family we call MEcO.

Are you more active in MEcO?

Maye Deles: I’m more active in MEcO because it’s the place where I feel very welcome. Given the fact that it isn’t even my home org, I think that’s already a big thing. I never imagined myself being active but after spending time with the other members, I started enjoying their company. In the process I also encouraged non-MEc members to be more active. There’s a sense of fulfillment whenever I meet active non-MEc members who feel the same way whenever I talk about how fun and welcoming the org is; it’s what keeps me going.

Danielle Lambo: I find myself to be my most active in MEcO because in everything that I do for MEcO, I find myself constantly empowered, always learning, and in the presence of people who sincerely care for one another, despite coming from different courses.


Debunked the exclusive home org perception blog 2

What have you found in MEcO that you can’t find anywhere else?

Maye Deles: A home and a family to come home to. Yes, the org has plenty of members and projects. It can be very intimidating but once you attend events, volunteer for projects, and even just enter the org room, you’re bound to gain friends who you will eventually consider as your family.

Danielle Lambo: As cheesy as it sounds, it is in MEcO that I found a group of individuals, who come from different courses, yet have the same interest – their love for MEcO, in which they have found a home. For better or worse, MEcO is really known for its infamous familial feeling, and we should still pride ourselves with that. This is what makes us capable of being open to people who come from different places. MEcO hasn’t been a home for MEC majors only, it has become a home for anyone willing to be a part of it.

Would you recommend MEcO to non-MEc students?

Maye Deles: Of course! Looking back, I have no regrets in choosing MEcO. Marami ka talagang magagawa . Of course, being shy is inevitable when you’re new, but once you step into the org room, you’ll know everyone inside by the time you step out.

Danielle Lambo: I recommend MEcO to anyone who has an open-mind to meet unique personalities. I recommend MEcO to anyone who has space in their heart, because the people that make up MEcO will really make you fall in love with the organization.  

Debunked the exclusive home org Perception blog 3

What can you say to those who perceive MEcO as an exclusive home org?

Maye Deles: Join us! I actually had the same perception. However, it’s not exclusive at all. MEcO takes everyone in, and I believe that everyone has a place in MEcO. By joining, you will most definitely find your place along with the people you get along with. When I first joined, everyone kept saying “solid” and well, solid nga naman talaga . Again, it is not an exclusive home org, but if there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s that MEcO is definitely––in each and every way––a home.

Danielle Lambo: To non-MEc majors, don’t be deceived by the ‘MEC’ in MEcO. If there’s one thing I learned being a non-MEC major, active in another course’ home org, it is that home can be found in the most unlikely places; home is where you say it is.

Home is where the Couch is

Article and Graphic by Sofia Nolasco

Picture the typical weekday afternoon.

The school has become a sanctuary of different friends, cliques, and even organizations. None compares to the that of the MVP at the said time, where people flock to their various respective org rooms hoping to catch some familiar faces lying around.

Move to the third floor of the said building. On a typical weekday, you would see room 318 filled with MEcO people sitting in the bench or lying on the couch. On a non-typical weekday where there might be a plethora of meetings lined up, you would even see people standing up just to occupy space in MEcO’s side of the room.

But if one were to say what the most distinct feature of the room is, it is without a doubt that it would be the beaten yet resolute leather couch situated in the heart of it all.

Albeit leaning on one side, the couch has become an important personality in the org room. It has become part of the home that MEcOnistas have come to know inside MVP 318, but not everyone knows its origins.

Bought by the organization, the couch first found its way in the MEcO room back in August of 2016. It had once belonged to Mea Manongas, the CFO of the organization two years ago. With the help of Vinci Yabut, Timmy Villegas, Ivic Ong, and Paolo Quiogue, the couch was carried to the room where it would find its permanent home, and the rest is history.

Taking a step back, why would an organization like MEcO need a couch anyway?

In a bustling org room where business is conducted, presentations and meetings are made, and considering the array of MEcO’s projects, it seems like there’s no place to situate a couch. But MEcO is more than the work that we do. MEcO is also the people we come back to, time and time again. They are family outside of our own families, our home outside the four walls of our houses, and what better way to make people feel at home by having the most basic marker of a home: a couch.


*Blog article done with the participation of Vinci Yabut and Timmy Villegas





Meet the Executive Board 1718!

The Bulletin team had the chance to catch up with this year’s executive board members. It had been a journey working with these people for an entire year. We got to see how they are in a serious setting and how they are when they’re just out there taking a break from all the work. The EB members were not just someone we looked up to, but they are also someone we shared numerous fun memories with.

Check out the EB member’s interview for Bulletin’s Humans of MEcO!

Top5_Meet the EB 1718

What’s one thing you’ll miss about MEcO and the Ateneo in general?

Bea Ladaban: The people, my blockmates, my friends and all the BOYS! Also the girls I didn’t know I was going to be friends with. I will also miss how projects are built from ground up and how people grow through MEcO. It makes me glad knowing that I can call people from MEcO every time I get sad!

Drew: It’s going to be the little things! The spontaneous lunch-outs and dinner-outs! I will also miss all of my batchmates even those whom I only spent little time with. Even those who shifted out of the course.

Bea Chua: The MEcO room! It makes me comfortable knowing that if ever I had no one to be with, I can always just go to the MEcO room. The MEcO room made me feel that blocks are irrelevant because in the MEcO room, it felt like everybody were blockmates.

Jat Caintic: I’m gonna miss the people. In MEcO it’s every year that I meet someone new, and I’ll miss that.

Ronnie Estrelles: The eagerness to wake up early everyday to go to school to see the people inside the MEcO room is what I’ll miss the most. Whenever I get stressed out, I remember the MEcO family who are there to back me up. 

ComDev_Meet the EB 1718

As someone who leads the organization, what are the most important values that a leader should demonstrate/possess?

Pao Rosete: I think [it’s] patience. Everything you plan for doesn’t really work as well as you really imagined it to be. So, having a long patience – a very long patience – gives you an edge, because you get to think and calm yourself down.

Doty Palafox: ..for me, I think, what I also leaned with working with Pao and the other machine members, what matters in comdev is agility – really agility to each the vision you’re trying to reach, na hindi pilit. So you have to gauge how much, ‘yung co-owndership ng community and ng mga tao na you’re asking to work with and work for you.

InStrat_Meet the EB 1718

What is investing to you?

Jason Gusilatar: Investing is seeing your future in one thing. It’s paying its value now because you believe it’s going to worth more in the future.

Daisie Zeng: I don’t speak that much of what they call the “InStrat” language. So I won’t give a stock related answer or something likewise. As the AVP of the department, investing for me is all about developing people, seeing their potential and giving them the avenue to work it out for their growth and the organization’s growth, generally speaking.

HR_Meet the EB 1718

What do you hope to see in MEcO in the future?

Dyan Yu: I hope it’s still a family like it always is, a place where you have people to lean on. I hope that no matter what, the bond’s still there.

Danica Cabangon: Girl power because we can! I hope it happens in next year’s Top 5.

Comm_Meet the EB 1718

Can you name an event or person that made a tremendous impact on you as a department head?

Issa: One of it was during my freshman year when I was part of Freshly Baked. Although I was the creatives head, I felt like I did so much more than my position with the guidance of our project heads and FM OICs. My OICs namely Ivic, Joel, and PB were very hands on and “maalaga” since we were freshmen. they were the ones who inspired me to immerse myself more in the org. I got to work with my fellow freshmen and saw that MEco had so much to offer. I also hyped Mon up to go to projects!

Mon: Issa. She was encouraging me to be more active in MEcO. She urged me to run and do more for the Communications Department. Now I’m here.

FM_Meet the EB 1718

What was the most difficult thing you encountered as a leader in MEcO?

Enzo Abastillas: The most difficult situation I experienced was during my first active year in MEcO where I was the Project Head of MEcOffers formerly known as Rent-A-Tent. We were lacking manpower, but thankfully, I had my FMily’s support!

Patricia Velasco: Probably the most difficult thing would be overseeing everything that’s happening within a department. There comes a time when everything gets so overwhelming because there are so many things happening at the same time and it does get quite stressful. But I always remember to keep calm, breathe, and take a bit of time to collect myself whenever work gets heavy.

CorRel_Meet the EB 1718

How was working together as the VP and AVP of CorRel?

JED: It was challenging yet very fulfilling, and I wouldn’t and couldn’t have done it with anybody else.

NACHO: Working with Jed has been a very exciting experience! Being with someone who has a unique insight really helped me grow not only in MEcO but also as a leader.

My Investment Story

For Investment Awareness Week, the BULLetin team caught up with some of the Investment Mentorship Program (IMP) mentors to find out what the Investment Stories are.



My investing story actually started when I was a freshman. I joined this effort called the Investment Mentorship Program, not knowing anything about investing or stocks and yet they accepted me. I took the risk and I believed I could do it as well. It was there where my investing journey started and truly I haven’t regretted it since. 



Like everyone, I started off with nothing but mistakes, but recently through my internship, I made one good pick that helped me get back all that I lost. I realized that it was really okay to make mistakes. As long as you learn from those experiences, you’ll bounce back. In that scenario, making mistakes is also an investment. It’s not how many mistakes you did, but how much you learn from them.



When I was a freshman, I was skeptical about the stock market. But as I exposed myself to it, it turned out to be one of the most fascinating things to have ever existed. Stocks is more than just money. Stocks has given me opportunities to meet new people, engage myself in the business world, and most importantly teach those who are eager to learn.



When I started investing, I wasn’t even ready, but I thought to myself, ‘If not now, when?’ So I decided to take a leap of faith and learn the processes under pressure because that’s how I knew I would learn the most. If I were to give advice to people, it would be to plunge into the stock market. As I’ve read in books, learning how to discipline oneself is the most crucial part of being successful.



I invest for myself and my future. Back story, when I was in 2nd year college, I joined the mentorship program. Initially, I only did so because trip ko ‘lang mag-invest.



I started trading over ten years ago – since before the 2008 financial crisis. As you can imagine, the road has been long, challenging, and rewarding all at the same time. The things I’ve learned along the way are truly invaluable. Despite the risks, investing in financial markets opens up tremendous opportunities. I’ve come a long way since, but my journey’s just about to kick into high gear. One day I’ll make it big. I’ll have a successful career, be a fund manager on Wall Street, and by then I’ll have the resources I need to come back and fulfill my promise of sharing my blessings and making a positive impact in the lives of other people.

Miniblog: Spend for What Truly Matters

Written by Miggy Santos

Massive sales here and there, 13th/14th month pays, ampaos from lolo/lola/ninong/ninang, even the age old saying that “Christmas is a time for giving” : Are we really wired, conditioned, and set to spend a lot during Christmas season? Maybe. However, there is such a thing as spending responsibly.

Here in MEcO we always talk about investing but to be honest, that just comes 2nd in the bigger scheme of things. At the heart of financial literacy, the backbone of it all will always be personal finance. In short, the simple decisions we make everyday when it comes to our money.

Just two short kwentos. The day before LTS I couldnt find my shades. Since fragile eyes ko especially when I get hungover, I really needed to buy one asap. Was set to buy aviators para Tom Cruise sa TopGun ang peg and tbh, medj ready ako to spend 9k for raybans that night. Then I saw Sunnies. Same design, same fit, same purpose. Just for Php 9,600 LESS. Ended up buying the latter for just php 400. Same LTS experience pa rin naman. ( plus pogi pa rin sakin ). 2nd story was when I was abt to go home from LTS. Christmas rush plus rush hour traffic = uber super surge. It would take me almost Php 700 to get home that usually costs less than Php 200. Ended up taking Comet with Francesca kahit na medj naghintay kami and nakatayo plus 1 more jeep ride. I spent a total of Php 50 that night kasama na yung kwekwek na kinain ko while waiting for jeep 2. Same thing, nakauwi rin naman ako.

Point is, there will always be alternatives. Doesnt mean that we have more available cash this Christmas, we can spend and spend na. Selective pa rin, dun lng sa may value. For example, its a hell lot better to spend a little bit more for a reunion with your closest barkada or to treat your siblings than to spend for a new iPhone 7 kahit naka 6s ka pa na last year lng nakuha. TLDR: Hindi naman kailangan mag tipid ng sobra. Okay lng gumastos basta may pupuntahan talaga yung pera.

Spend for what truly matters the most

Station 1: Old and New Faces of MEcO

Article, Interviews, and Photos by Michelle Tiu and Dorothy Palafox 

QUEZON CITY – With MEcOnistas dressed up in chill Luau outfits, surrounded by the smoky barbeque grill, drinks on one hand, and hyped music, the Welcoming Night of the Ateneo Management Economics Organization was definitely a success on the night of September 17, 2016.

Hosted by our very own Ivic Ong and Bea Ladaban, Station 1 was able to fulfill its purpose of gracing both its old and new members with a year starter filled with stories to share and sound expectations to look forward to. It was certainly a night where new friendships were formed, stories were shared, and great memories were made. It showcased that Ateneo MEcO isn’t just about the serious things; we also like to have fun. These are just some of the reasons why Ateneo MEcO is definitely worth being a member for!

In the sea of people, there were a few Humans of MEcO who caught our attention. Here are what they said about Station 1.

unnamed (17)

Fernando Sison


Joined the Investment Strategies Department

Since MEcO is your home organization and Station 1 is your first college event, how do you find MEcO so far?

MEcO is good so far. People are nice and genuine.

What made you join InStrat?

I’ve always been interested with the stock market.

So what are you expectations this year?

At the end of the year, I want to learn how to invest and understand what I see when I look at the PSEi.

Do you plan to be active?

Yes, I do!

unnamed (18)

Francis Guevarra


Joined the Investment Strategies Department

What are your thoughts on MEcO with it being your home organization?

Okay naman. I’m glad that I joined MEcO because it’s filled with nice people and “home” org talaga because MEcO really feels like home.

What are your expectations from the organization?

I want to learn more about investing stocks.

If you are to describe the Station 1 Humans of MEcO with one word, what would it be?

Welcoming! They’re all nice and chill.

unnamed (19)

Danielle Lambo


Joined the Communications Department

Why did you join MEcO?

I actually joined with my friends who are also not from AB MEC. It’s quite different from my course, but I heard madami raw guwapo rito. Kidding aside, I heard MEcO is a fun organization. They have nice events and programs.

What do you think of Station 1?

Sobrang chill. When I meet one member, that member will also introduce me to another. It’s like a family!

unnamed (20)


External Vice President for External Affairs

As a senior, what are your plans before going down from the hill?

I want to get to know the members more. Gusto kong makilala ang mga pag-iiwanan ko ng MEcO.

How do you find Station 1 this year?

Solid! Natutuwa ako dahil madaming freshies and nag-attend this year. I think that is the most important thing in GAs: welcoming new people.

What are your goals as the current EVP of External Affairs?

My plan is to bridge the members of the organization from inside out since it’s what External Affairs is all about. I want to connect the members to the outside world, and build partnerships that would cater to our core competencies, one of which is the recent UPJFA partnership.

What is your take on the thrust of Nation Building?

I want to build on the Community Development. Not a lot of people see its importance, but they are actually those that create an impact in our society.

Do you have any message you want to leave for all the MEcO members out there?

As a graduating student, I did not just fall in love with the organization, but I fell in love with its everything. I hope everyone will see the importance of this organization and its core competencies. I hope that the members of MEcO would be active and would make an impact in our society.

Indeed, the MEcOnistas had their own word to say not only for Station 1, but also for the whole MEcO family itself. Watch out for more under the Humans of MEcO! Your own story might just be featured next!

Special thanks to the entire core team of Station 1, the sponsors, and the whole MEcO family making this night possible.