Written By Antonio Fernando New York Vanta | Oct 04, 2017 | FEATURES

These niggas take me for granted, what would hap’ if I vanish? Bet a hunnid they’d panic, my shooters only speak Spanish Keep my heart with my dogs, keep my car in the yard I can’t drive it nowhere so I’ll let you niggas take off Seen the shit that they drop, that shit not instantly hot I give that instant re-bop, that replay value go off That make my value go up, I keep that bow in my cup My niggas rolling, got that going with a thousand to bust That nigga Kevin can’t rap, he too sappy with his shit He don’t rep me with his shit, he on that teenage bullshit And he ’bout 20 and shit, when he let go of that shit He’ll prolly be a little colder, y’all agree with me? Shit That nigga need to act his age, he ain’t acting like a grown up Ain’t that boy from Texas?, He ain’t acting like a soldier Knew that boy in high school, man, that nigga wasn’t awkward And I know his mama, man, that nigga just a liar