Meet the Executive Board 1718!

Written By MEcO Bulletin | Mar 18, 2018 | HUMANS OF MECO

Top5_Meet the EB 1718

The Bulletin team had the chance to catch up with this year’s executive board members. It had been a journey working with these people for an entire year. We got to see how they are in a serious setting and how they are when they’re just out there taking a break from all the work. The EB members were not just someone we looked up to, but they are also someone we shared numerous fun memories with.

Check out the EB member’s interview for Bulletin’s Humans of MEcO!

Top5_Meet the EB 1718

What’s one thing you’ll miss about MEcO and the Ateneo in general?

Bea Ladaban: The people, my blockmates, my friends and all the BOYS! Also the girls I didn’t know I was going to be friends with. I will also miss how projects are built from ground up and how people grow through MEcO. It makes me glad knowing that I can call people from MEcO every time I get sad!

Drew: It’s going to be the little things! The spontaneous lunch-outs and dinner-outs! I will also miss all of my batchmates even those whom I only spent little time with. Even those who shifted out of the course.

Bea Chua: The MEcO room! It makes me comfortable knowing that if ever I had no one to be with, I can always just go to the MEcO room. The MEcO room made me feel that blocks are irrelevant because in the MEcO room, it felt like everybody were blockmates.

Jat Caintic: I’m gonna miss the people. In MEcO it’s every year that I meet someone new, and I’ll miss that.

Ronnie Estrelles: The eagerness to wake up early everyday to go to school to see the people inside the MEcO room is what I’ll miss the most. Whenever I get stressed out, I remember the MEcO family who are there to back me up. 

ComDev_Meet the EB 1718

As someone who leads the organization, what are the most important values that a leader should demonstrate/possess?

Pao Rosete: I think [it’s] patience. Everything you plan for doesn’t really work as well as you really imagined it to be. So, having a long patience – a very long patience – gives you an edge, because you get to think and calm yourself down.

Doty Palafox: ..for me, I think, what I also leaned with working with Pao and the other machine members, what matters in comdev is agility – really agility to each the vision you’re trying to reach, na hindi pilit. So you have to gauge how much, ‘yung co-owndership ng community and ng mga tao na you’re asking to work with and work for you.

InStrat_Meet the EB 1718

What is investing to you?

Jason Gusilatar: Investing is seeing your future in one thing. It’s paying its value now because you believe it’s going to worth more in the future.

Daisie Zeng: I don’t speak that much of what they call the “InStrat” language. So I won’t give a stock related answer or something likewise. As the AVP of the department, investing for me is all about developing people, seeing their potential and giving them the avenue to work it out for their growth and the organization’s growth, generally speaking.

HR_Meet the EB 1718

What do you hope to see in MEcO in the future?

Dyan Yu: I hope it’s still a family like it always is, a place where you have people to lean on. I hope that no matter what, the bond’s still there.

Danica Cabangon: Girl power because we can! I hope it happens in next year’s Top 5.

Comm_Meet the EB 1718

Can you name an event or person that made a tremendous impact on you as a department head?

Issa: One of it was during my freshman year when I was part of Freshly Baked. Although I was the creatives head, I felt like I did so much more than my position with the guidance of our project heads and FM OICs. My OICs namely Ivic, Joel, and PB were very hands on and “maalaga” since we were freshmen. they were the ones who inspired me to immerse myself more in the org. I got to work with my fellow freshmen and saw that MEco had so much to offer. I also hyped Mon up to go to projects!

Mon: Issa. She was encouraging me to be more active in MEcO. She urged me to run and do more for the Communications Department. Now I’m here.

FM_Meet the EB 1718

What was the most difficult thing you encountered as a leader in MEcO?

Enzo Abastillas: The most difficult situation I experienced was during my first active year in MEcO where I was the Project Head of MEcOffers formerly known as Rent-A-Tent. We were lacking manpower, but thankfully, I had my FMily’s support!

Patricia Velasco: Probably the most difficult thing would be overseeing everything that’s happening within a department. There comes a time when everything gets so overwhelming because there are so many things happening at the same time and it does get quite stressful. But I always remember to keep calm, breathe, and take a bit of time to collect myself whenever work gets heavy.

CorRel_Meet the EB 1718

How was working together as the VP and AVP of CorRel?

JED: It was challenging yet very fulfilling, and I wouldn’t and couldn’t have done it with anybody else.

NACHO: Working with Jed has been a very exciting experience! Being with someone who has a unique insight really helped me grow not only in MEcO but also as a leader.