Sample Investing 101

Written By Antonio Fernando New York Vanta | Oct 26, 2017 | INVESTING 101

A few months ago I ran an experiment on myself that completely changed the way I spend my time. I actually measured, tracked and analyzed it. There’s all sorts of tools to measure, track and analyze how you spend your money or your website metrics, but not your time. And yet time is just as important if not more important, isn’t it? If you have more time you can use it to make more money or get more traffic. The result has transformed how I spend my time. I am far better at saying no to things that don’t matter and focusing on the things that do. Instead of giving you a bunch of broad, B.S. lessons like “watch less television!” like a bad top 10 article on BuzzFeed, I’m going to tell you EXACTLY what you need to do. I’m going to share a simple exercise you can do this week to help you prioritize and focus on the most important things in your life. First, I thought I wasn’t spending enough of my day in “Maker” time. Maker time is a concept from Paul Graham’s essay Maker Time, Manager Time. In it, he explains that work time can be divided into either maker or manager time. Manager time is usually 30 minute or 1 hour blocks of meetings, emails, and calls. Maker time is 2-4 hour blocks of time to really dive into a creative project — writing, coding, creating mock-ups, or mapping out a business strategy. It’s the same thing as what Cal Newport has called “Deep Work,” the highest leverage work that you need to block out time for to move your business forward as opposed to just keep it running. I felt like I was getting sucked into too many managerial tasks like email, meetings and phone calls and not spending enough of my time in maker mode.