Blog Submission Sample Post 1

Leave behind your fears and start running towards the thing that scares you. Because when you start to get too comfortable that’s when you’re going to end up unhappy wondering if there is something more out there. Leave behind the past because nothing is going to change there and the more you keep looking back the more you’ll fail to see what’s in front of you. And you won’t value or even see what that is until you lose it.

Leave behind the hate the resides in your heart and learn to forgive without hearing the words I’m sorry. But more than that learn to forgive yourself too for the things you would have done differently if only you knew.

Leave behind doubt and lack of confidence and that negative voice that continues to tell you lies. Just because it’s you saying it to yourself doesn’t make it true. Change the way you talk to yourself. Change the way you look at yourself. Because you deserve the admiration you keep giving others. Leave behind the things that don’t make you happy. The obligations you think you have to attend. The people you are afraid to let down. Leave behind the guilt you feel for choosing what you want even if it doesn’t align with other people’s wishes.

Realize this is your life and it isn’t your role to play someone else’s puppeteer just because you don’t like letting people down. Leave the job you don’t like and stop investing time and energy into something you’ve outgrown. That’s why it’s not working. It has nothing to do with you and your performance but everything to do with understanding and accepting that maybe this chapter in your life is over. And that’s not something to feel bad about.

Leave behind that relationship that isn’t going anywhere. You know the one where he keeps hurting you and disappointing you and ignoring you and not giving you what you want and deserve because I don’t think he ever will. You deserve a relationship that makes you happy and better. And you’re never going to find that in the arms of someone from the past or someone who doesn’t respect you enough to commit.

Leave behind these absurd expectations you are trying to obtain that you think will bring you happiness. Because happiness won’t come getting something. Happiness comes when you give and oftentimes you don’t get anything back but a feeling of wholeness that teaches you there are more important things in life than material things. It’s great to set a goal and achieve it. If it’s to have that dream house or car or the latest version of something, that’s wonderful you’ve hit financial and career goals to get those things. But when you do finally get them, it’s not going to feel like enough.

Leave behind comparing yourself to everyone else thinking you have to be where they are. You are walking on two entirely different paths and their milestones will be different than yours. You lose track of the path you are walking along when you focus too much on someone else’s. Then you become jealous.

Jealousy means you are looking more at someone else than you are looking at the person in the mirror who deserves your time and attention. And that’s you. Leave behind the excuses you are telling yourself of why you can’t do something because you can. You can do anything you want and you don’t have to answer to anyone if it makes you happy. Learn to put your happiness ahead of others.

Leave behind negative toxic relationships and understand how people like that influence your happiness and well being.