Too Literate To Learn

Written By MEcO Bulletin | Jan 17, 2016 | FINANCIAL LITERACY


The IncrediBULL of BULLetin has directly been tackling different aspects of investment, given that the Management Economics Organization is the premiere investment organization of the school. We have elaborated on Impact Investing. Now, it’s time to discuss the second of the two core competencies of the organization: Financial Literacy.

When people talk about MEcO, financial literacy is one of the first things they think of. Financial literacy encapsulates full understanding financial matters and is actually the most useful when it comes to personal business. One has to be prudent in decision-making that involves money, and investment and savings would be part of that. Advanced knowledge may include compound interest, the credit card, time value of money, and the like.

Without this significant core competency, money may be mishandled and horrible consequences may arise. Bankruptcy is one such consequence, though it’s safe to say that impulsive buying would be the most common among the youth. Many students take advantage of being in an organization, but what we don’t realize is the importance of its core competencies in our daily life. Appreciate even just the basic knowledge that we earn from extra-curricular work in college, because being uninformed on the basics may lead to extensive disasters.

Source: Investopedia

Text by: Nikki H. Lim Graphics by: Monica Dimapilis