Written by Julian Uy / Photos by Julian Uy

Kidpreneur is a registered club activity under Meco that caters to kids in grade school. It hopes to teach them the importance of saving and entrepreneurship.


Kidpreneur 1718_1

The day was filled with dark clouds which hinted to eventual rainfall but even somber weather was not enough to dampen the members’ spirits. Excited chatter crowded the air in the classroom as volunteers met the children they were assigned to assist. Each group went about how they would best sell their food whilst getting to know each other through small talk.

After a few minutes of discussion, groups went out one after another to try their luck in the different grade level faculty rooms. The harrowing silence of the faculty room was broken by the piercing screams of ecstatic children. The little entrepreneurs invaded faculty rooms and the break time of the basketball team to sell all their candies and drinks. In a span of less than an hour, most of their products had already sold out. Although at first kids had reported feeling weird about the activity, they later on came around stating that they felt fulfilled being able to sell everything to students and teachers alike. They found that they were lacking stocks for their other customers who weren’t able to receive and went so far as to request that more be brought next session.


Kidpreneur 1718_2

All in all, it was a promising start for MEcO’s kidpreneur!

Kidpreneur 1718_3

The Filipino is Worth Investing For: Invest! Day 1

Written by Kevin Choa / Photos by Mark Anastacio and Issa Imperial
Invest! is a two-day event which aims to teach the basic skills and principles to anyone interested in investing, whether it be in the stock market or in other investments.
Last September 18, the Ateneo Management Economics Organization (MEcO) kicked off one of its flagship projects on financial literacy: Invest! This two-day event aims to teach the basic skills and principles to anyone interested in investing, whether it be in the stock market or personal finance.
Invest1 1718_1
Day One saw Edmund Lee, a Chartered Financial Analyst and the President and CEO of Caylum Trading Institute, share his insights on investing to a packed, standing room-only crowd at the Escaler Hall. Much of his talk discussed about the common fears and debunked certain myths about the stock market to new investors, as well as explaining why the Philippine market is a good investment at this time.
Mr. Lee began his talk by mentioning that millennials are the luckiest generation so far. Information, according to him, is now within easy reach due to advances and innovations in technology. That being said, one’s success is not dependent on one’s access to such technology; it’s how one uses it to his/her advantage that counts. However, he mentioned that despite the enormous wealth of information one may have, there would always be a need to maximize it. Future generations, Mr. Lee said, would become smarter and more adaptive, therefore making it more important to build on one’s resources as much as possible.
Invest1 1718_2
The speaker then proceeded to explain why investing was a simpler way to increase one’s wealth, emphasizing the fact that majority of the wealthiest individuals in the world built their fortunes on investments over inheritances. As costs increase and going into business becomes harder, investing is a viable option, as you “make your money work for you.” In saying this, Mr. Lee said that large companies and corporations are partners in the business world, considering the amount of influence and networks they have on the overall business community. While being an entrepreneur is still a common practice, many entrepreneurs turn to those businesses for help.
Moving on to the topic of the stock market as a representation of the economy, it is anything but certain, given the various rises and drops in the values of certain stocks at certain periods of time. An example would be the 2016 Philippine elections, in which no one could be certain that Rodrigo Duterte is the best option amongst all the candidates before he was elected. Mr. Lee further emphasized that until his or her term ends, no one can confidently tell or fully prove if a president is considered a good or bad leader. Such uncertainty during an election creates noise on who would be the best one, similar to the stock market itself.
Invest1 1718_3
Mr. Lee then added that there are always scapegoats, negative press, and other sorts of distractions which affect the trading and investing decisions in the stock market. He emphasized that despite the constant news of dropping values, not every drop means economic recession. Not only was the Philippine economy not badly hit by the 2008 financial crisis in the United States, but also much of the Philippine GDP comes from outside the country (BPOs and OFWs), according to Mr. Lee. He also said that investors must focus on long-term effects any policy or event has on the economy, no matter the short-term risks it imposes.
Mr. Lee then encouraged the audience to begin investing, by saying that “Everyone wants to invest in the Philippines, except the Filipino.”, as well as encouraged investing in megatrends in the country and internationally. He then cited the stories behind the success of various companies, such as Apple, Yahoo!, Blackberry, and Universal Robina, companies which expanded their operations and succeeded as a result. All four companies’ stock prices had an upward spike in value at some point.
 Invest1 1718_4
At the end of the day, however, Mr. Lee encouraged new investors to fully understand the scope of their investments. He mentioned the value of brands, as well as the various trends and innovations which change people’s lives, stressing that unlike popular opinion, the stock market is anything but a gamble. It is full of points to consider: where one is in the market, what the market conditions are, and how one must act based on decisions and events which affect the business community. He then closed Day One by discussing the concept of a shared economy, crucial to new investors as well. The Philippines is full of demographics, young labor, and the development of technology which could soon arrive. As part of the market, we as investors share the economic activity and growth, which is dominant in a time where some of the richest companies own nothing and earn on sharing services from other people. Even with all this technology and knowledge flowing, there is nothing to gain if these are not properly shared and determine the overall activity of the stock market.
Invest1 1718_5
Invest! Day 2 will be held on Monday, September 25 at Escaler Hall. Brian Ngan, Chief Investment Officer for Cedarside Holdings Corporation, will discuss the basic skills for trading and investing, the final step for new investors willing to seek the peak.

Plan Ahead: Investment Awareness Week 2017

Written by Janella Virrey / Edited by Emina Sotto and Michelle Tiu / Photos by Janella Virrey

Investment Awareness Week (IAW) is a newly-launched initiative of MEcO that aims to showcase the traditional and non-traditional ways of promoting the idea of investing to the Ateneo community. It serves as a pre-hook to the formal event Invest!

Held from September 11-24, Investment Awareness Week (IAW) is a newly-launched project of MEcO that aims to provide, communicate, and spread awareness on the importance of investing to the Ateneo community. Investment Awareness Week is a pre-hook to the formal event Invest!, which is a 2-day talk introducing the attendees of the said event to the world of investing. In line with this, Investment Awareness Week showcased what it would be like to orient the self towards making decisions on responsible investment-making, and hopefully through this effort, encourage the community to attend Invest! and begin their investment journey from there.
The initiative lasted a whole week and exhibited many different forms of campaigns not just around the campus, but on social media as well— ranging from traditional promos posted on social media such as GIFs, invest stories, as well as choose your own invest simulation games, to non-traditional promos such as posters and pathway tarpaulins.
IAW 1718_1
Poster designed by Cara Glorioso posted along Dela Costa
Upon asking one of the project heads for the first-ever Investment Awareness Week campaign on the turnout of their efforts, Mariel Avendaño said,
“One of the difficulties we faced was the problem of manpower shortage. The lack of time also gave us little time for preparations. Learning to fit our project within MEcO’s timeline was also hard since MEcO has a lot of projects. Of course [our efforts paid off], I hope so. It makes me happy to hear that people have been responsive towards our promos.”
MEcOnistas were also excited about the initiative, since it was new and never-before-seen. Especially with the unique and various ways IAW had campaigned, the members of the organization did not miss these promos.

Much like the students featured on the invest stories, these people also know what it’s like to invest in something, even if it isn’t necessarily on financial investments.

IAW 1718_0

Students of the Ateneo community joined in and wrote their thoughts on the question “Kanino ka nag-iinvest?”
The first-ever Investment Awareness Week was indeed a laudable and successful effort since it helped the people understand the basics of investments, and how it can impact an individual and the society as a whole. Aside from that, it was important because the organization was able to share to the community its mission of impact investing and financial literacy— staying true to what MEcO as an organization stands and works for.
The 2-day Invest! series will be held on September 18 and September 25. Various speakers will be present to talk about the fundamentals of financial literacy and investing.
IAW 1718_2


¡Vámonos de parranda! Welcoming Night: Cinco de MEcO

Written by Migs Caparas / Photos by Greg Tam, Mark Anastacio, Willette Lim and Jayvee Sinon

Welcoming Night: Cinco de MEcO is a project of the Internals department designed to welcome and form bonds between old and new members. This makes the organization more work-friendly and effective in the long run.

Shortly after being introduced to the Management Economics Organization and to their respective departments through General Assemblies, the new and returning faces of MEcO were greeted by a night of fun, food, and company. This year’s Welcoming Night “Cinco de MEcO” made sure that the members of the organization were well-bonded, welcomed, and ready to work for the busy year ahead.

Stories were shared, games were played, and bonds were formed. MEcO believes that this was how great years should be started—with food, games and a whole lot of fun.

Welcoming Night 1718_1

MEcO has its core competencies namely Financial Literacy and Impact Investing. However, as equally important, is how the members of the organization are formed. Projects under Internals, like Cinco de MEcO, are what make that happen.

Luigi Posadas and Abbygale King started the party and set the party-mood by lending their energies as the hosts of the night. After they called on the project heads Shaira Santiago, Willete Lim, and Mico Madamba they led the guests through a series of party games to break the ice!
Classic games like Musical Chairs and Plate Relay were played, but all included fun twists that brought both the fun and the welcoming atmosphere to the start the night. This was all intended to make the first major event of the year a blast for the members.


Veteran and fresh faces were present that night. Both old and new members interacting with one another was a sight to see, because that is the whole point of the event—to bring the old and new together to form one big family for the year ahead.

 Welcoming Night 1718_2

Welcoming Night 1718_3

Vice President for Community Development, Paolo Rosete lunges at the MEcOBull Piñata because what is a Mexican themed party without one?

When all was said and done, hosts Luigi and Abbygale dropped their mics and gave way to the dance floor. ¡Vámonos de parranda!

Welcoming Night 1718_4

Welcoming Night 1718_5


 Guests’ sweet tooth were satisfied by our generous sponsor, Pepero, who provided Casa MEcO with a supply of White Cookie Pepero.

The MEcO veterans had their fair share of fun, but they were not the true stars of the night. The real stars of the night were the new members, the freshmen of the year! The new Chiquitos and Chiquitas of MEcO no doubt had their fun. The warm smiles on their faces as they left Casa MEcO was a great indicator not only for this year, but also for the years ahead of them

Welcoming Night 1718_6

My Investment Story

For Investment Awareness Week, the BULLetin team caught up with some of the Investment Mentorship Program (IMP) mentors to find out what the Investment Stories are.



My investing story actually started when I was a freshman. I joined this effort called the Investment Mentorship Program, not knowing anything about investing or stocks and yet they accepted me. I took the risk and I believed I could do it as well. It was there where my investing journey started and truly I haven’t regretted it since. 



Like everyone, I started off with nothing but mistakes, but recently through my internship, I made one good pick that helped me get back all that I lost. I realized that it was really okay to make mistakes. As long as you learn from those experiences, you’ll bounce back. In that scenario, making mistakes is also an investment. It’s not how many mistakes you did, but how much you learn from them.



When I was a freshman, I was skeptical about the stock market. But as I exposed myself to it, it turned out to be one of the most fascinating things to have ever existed. Stocks is more than just money. Stocks has given me opportunities to meet new people, engage myself in the business world, and most importantly teach those who are eager to learn.



When I started investing, I wasn’t even ready, but I thought to myself, ‘If not now, when?’ So I decided to take a leap of faith and learn the processes under pressure because that’s how I knew I would learn the most. If I were to give advice to people, it would be to plunge into the stock market. As I’ve read in books, learning how to discipline oneself is the most crucial part of being successful.



I invest for myself and my future. Back story, when I was in 2nd year college, I joined the mentorship program. Initially, I only did so because trip ko ‘lang mag-invest.



I started trading over ten years ago – since before the 2008 financial crisis. As you can imagine, the road has been long, challenging, and rewarding all at the same time. The things I’ve learned along the way are truly invaluable. Despite the risks, investing in financial markets opens up tremendous opportunities. I’ve come a long way since, but my journey’s just about to kick into high gear. One day I’ll make it big. I’ll have a successful career, be a fund manager on Wall Street, and by then I’ll have the resources I need to come back and fulfill my promise of sharing my blessings and making a positive impact in the lives of other people.

Heads Up! – MEcO Members’ General Assembly 2017

Written by Kevin Choa / Edited by Michelle Tiu / Photos by Issa Imperial and Emina Sotto
MEcO officially kicked off its twenty-eighth year last August 30 with the Members’ General Assembly. Members were introduced to the various projects being done in the organization and got to choose their departments they would be part of this year.
The hosts kicked off the event by introducing the organization, its core competencies of Impact Investing and Financial Literacy, as well as other goals set for this year. They pushed for members to be active, as MEcO’s various goals, achievements, and upcoming projects this school were announced. Discussing their own personal experiences and memories made as members themselves, the hosts pushed both old and new members to ask questions throughout the event to help them decide on how they could become active in MEcO.
This was followed by introductions from each of the six departments (Communications, Community Development, Corporate Relations, Fund Management, Human Resources, and Investment Strategies). Each department introduced their teams as well as pitched their respective projects and available positions for the year, while emphasizing their commitments towards pushing towards either Impact Investing, Financial Literacy, or in some cases, both. Following MEcO’s tradition of accepting students from all majors, all departments were open for all members to join, regardless of their skill sets and previous experiences.
GA1718_2 GA1718_4 GA1718_3
After the last department finished with their introductions, both new and old members formally registered into the organization and chose the department they would be joining this year. This officially marks the start of the year for the organization and its members, thus bringing the Members’ General Assembly to a close. Judging from the various faces seen throughout the event, it is clear that old and new MEcOnistas are more than eager to start a year of activities, projects, and experiences which push their personal growth and that of those within and outside the organization.