Acoustic Night: Rewind

There’s nothing like the goosebumps-inducing feeling of nostalgia straight from the vocal chords and strongs of the MEcOustics gang! Last time, the MEcOustics group sprinkled us with an acute sense of #FilipinoPride as they showed their talents by performing OPM songs. This time they took us back into the time of the 2000s by performing songs that we all enjoyed and loved during our earlier days!

030918-Acoustic Night 2-42

MEcOnistas always look forward to MEcO get-togethers and opportunities to meet new people. MEcOustics: REWIND, held last March 9th at Beats & Stats, was the perfect avenue for a night to unwind from academic or work stress. Thanks to the feel of the venue, MEcOnistas enjoyed the throwback music being played by the performers. Together with the music, the MEcObulls enjoyed pizza, nachos, and each other’s company. There’s nothing more unwinding than the idea of our wee days as innocent kids. How nostalgic! 

030918-Acoustic Night 2-38

After a busy year, it’s time for the MEcOustics gang to call it a night. Tune in next year for a new batch of talented bulls as they once again tune their guitars, polish their sax’s and warm-up their vocal chords. Until then!

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