Alumni Gathering 2017

Written By MEcO Bulletin | Feb 04, 2017 | FEATURES

Article by Dorothy Palafox / Photos by Cha Bautista and Dwayne Franco

Alumni: Jason Karaan, Chino Ladores, Jarvie Ramos, Fio De Jesus, Carlo Parungao, Inna Raymundo, Mikh Gomez, Jaime Fernandez, Lisanne Tumang, Michaela Dee

Present Members: Joel Mangahas (President), Leslie Pilapil (EVP Internals), Dwayne Franco (DepSec), Ivic Ong (CFO), Ysa Cuison, Timmy Villegas, Jayme De Guzman, Cha Bautista, Archie Bocalbos, Jat Caintic, Zahra Zanjani, Miggy Santos, Drew Niguidula, Chabeli Fernandez

Externals Team: Paolo Quiogue (EVP), Chabeli Fernandez, Dorothy Palafox, Johann Co, Andrea Dy Buncio, Pamela Deyto, Ken Gelera

PINO RESTOBAR, Malingap, Quezon City, 7PM —- Held last February 3, 2017, Friday was a dinner gathering of MEcO alumni and the organization’s present members. The get-together was spearheaded by the Externals Team, led by Paolo Quiogue, EVP for External Affairs, together with Joel Mangahas, MEcO President.

Loud cheers. Reminiscent stories. Few introductions. Shared over good food and drinks, the night went as casual and meaningful as it should!

Ten MEcO Alumni members coming from different batches were able to make it despite their busy work schedules. More were invited, but those who were not able to because of hectic schedules still expressed their warm greetings to the MEcO family (this will not be the last, definitely) !

With the aim to rebuild the ties with MEcO’s Alumni members, the gathering went on with a light ambiance, yet was an ideal way for the past and present members to share a piece of their own MEcO story.

Alumni Night 2017_2

A common line from the alumni members to break the ice with the younger members of the Externals Team was “Noong panahon namin…” When a couple of ExTeam members shared how there is so much variety in the MEcO projects to cater to the organization’s members, Mikh Gomez and Inna Raymundo blurted how they fondly remember how Ivic Ong (now CFO) used to passionately cook and sell popcorns back in his early MEcO days!

Meanwhile, Chabeli Fernandez could not keep her excitement with the working outfit get up of Lisanne Tumang, who like everyone else, arrived with so much vibrance. Chabs shared how she imagines herself wearing that same outfit in a couple of months from now.

Alumni Night 2017_3

So many casual talks happened randomly over the simple dinner, yet one thing was evident for the evening among the alumni members: Conversations were not anymore about the MEcO departments they used to lead, but (besides the kidding aside platform thrill for aspirants) were more of the present companies they now work with.

Alumni Night 2017_4

This just shows how MEcO has helped them grow into holistic people in separate work fields, and continue to hope that the organization’s present members will continue and take care of what they have found not so long ago.

Alumni Night 2017_5

Of course, any MEcO event will not be complete without catching up with each and everyone’s life updates, a great way to have ended the evening! It is this kind of close kinship that all the alumni, outgoing, and present members will continue to share. 

Until the next Alumni Gathering!