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BLOG SUBMISSION | April 3, 2018

Home is where the Couch is

Article and Graphic by Sofia NolascoPicture the typical weekday afternoon.The school has become a sanctuary of different friends, cliques, and even organizations. None compares to the that of the MVP at the said time, where people flock to their various respective org rooms hoping to catch some familiar faces lying around.Move to the third floor […]

BLOG SUBMISSION | December 16, 2016

Miniblog: Spend for What Truly Matters

Written by Miggy SantosMassive sales here and there, 13th/14th month pays, ampaos from lolo/lola/ninong/ninang, even the age old saying that “Christmas is a time for giving” : Are we really wired, conditioned, and set to spend a lot during Christmas season? Maybe. However, there is such a thing as spending responsibly.Here in MEcO we always […]