Enter the Bulls: IgniSOM 2017

Written By MEcO Bulletin | Oct 25, 2017 | FEATURES

Written by Kevin Choa / Photos by Dannica Cabangon, Kevin Choa, Monica Dimapilis, Marco Millan, Golda Sarmiento, and Bea Tabios

SOM Week is an inter-organization competition among the Business Cluster (BC) organizations. Each of the eight BC organizations will host and compete in various events throughout the week showcasing various skills needed in today’s business world.

Last October 23, the Council of Organizations of the Ateneo’s Business Cluster (COA – BC) opened this year’s School of Management (SOM) Week: IgniSOM. Each of the eight BC organizations will host and compete in various events throughout the week showcasing various skills and talents in today’s business world. As one of the eight BC organizations, the Ateneo Management Economics Organization (MEcO) are competing this year under the slogan: “Awaken the bulls.”

SOM Week 1718_1

MEcO enters this year having gone through a major re-branding, especially with their new logos and new team members. This year’s contingent is led by Mr. and Ms. MEcO: Fitz Shioda and Frannie Reyes, also known as F&F. The pair hope to capture the title of Mr. and Ms. SOM with their bold, yet sometimes cutesy image as they compete in the Mr. and Ms. SOM pageant this Friday, October 27.

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Other events MEcO competed in were Spark of the Intellex, a quiz bee on the various fields of business, hosted by Ateneo Lex last Monday, October 23. The 4-person team featured one participant from each batch: Alyssa Go (Freshmen), Lorraine Lau (Sophomores), Yu Chong Lim (Juniors), and Mari De Leon (Seniors). Despite all their best efforts, the maroon-clad team finished outside the Top Four.

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MEcO also sent a team to compete in Liyab: Blazing a Trail to Sustainability, a case study event based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), hosted by AIESEC Ateneo and the Ateneo Management of Applied Chemistry Association (MACA). Led by Juniors Doty Palafox and Migs Caparas, while featuring newcomers in Jolo Gutierrez, Willette Lim, and Sophia Bulalacao, the team proposed for a sanitation project in Bos Sbov in the Cambodian province of Bantey Meanchey, an area struggling with contaminated water and a poor waste management and disposal system. Focusing their proposal on proper education on waste disposal and femenine hygiene, the team impressed the judges, but failed to gain a spot in the Top Four.

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Finally, a team of MEcOnistas hope to show their creativity in this year’s ISOM video competition hosted by the Ateneo Association for Communications Technology Management (ACTM). Each team had to create a creative video promoting local industries. While the submissions have been closed, there is still no word of the results as of press time.

However, all hope is not lost with five more events to go, plus the Mr. and Ms. SOM pageant during the Culminating Night on Friday (October 27). Two more teams hope to redeem their case competition skills, competing in the P&G Case Competition hosted by the Ateneo Junior Marketing Association (AJMA) and the Project Nurture Product Presentation hosted by the Ateneo Management Association (AMA). The P&G competition will take place on October 25, 5:00 to 9:00 P.M., at the Escaler Hall, while the Project Nurture Presentation will be held the next night (October 26), 5:00 to 9:00 P.M., at the Ching Tan Room (SOM 111).
Other events which will see MEcO go after this year’s SOM Week Championship are Flare, hosted by the Ateneo Management Engineering Association (MEA), and Blaze It to Win It, hosted by MEcO. Flare will be held on October 25, 5:00 to 9:00 P.M., at CTC 105. Blaze It to Win It, meanwhile, will take place on October 26, 5:00 to 9:00 P.M., at the Escaler Hall. The week ends with a Culminating Night on October 27, 5:00 P.M. to midnight, at the Henry Lee-Irwin Theater, where this year’s SOM Week champions will be crowned.
However, SOM Week isn’t all about competition. Other MEcOnistas pitched in their ideas, skills, and resources in creating Astwig: a drinking straw made out of bamboo. Astwig is still available for sale throughout SOM Week at this year’s SOM bazaar: Project Nurture. Project Nurture, hosted by AMA, is still ongoing and is open from 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. at the SEC-C Foyer throughout SOM Week. The bazaar features various products from the different BC organizations, each made with supporting local industries and overall sustainability in mind.
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As the end of SOM Week approaches, there is no reason for the bulls of MEcO to turn back. This year, the bulls have been awakened and are ready to charge towards the title. With much of the week still underway, it is still difficult to predict an outright champion. Nevertheless, MEcOnistas only have their eyes on the title and nothing more. This year, MEcO has risen.
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