Home is where the Couch is

Article and Graphic by Sofia Nolasco

Picture the typical weekday afternoon.

The school has become a sanctuary of different friends, cliques, and even organizations. None compares to the that of the MVP at the said time, where people flock to their various respective org rooms hoping to catch some familiar faces lying around.

Move to the third floor of the said building. On a typical weekday, you would see room 318 filled with MEcO people sitting in the bench or lying on the couch. On a non-typical weekday where there might be a plethora of meetings lined up, you would even see people standing up just to occupy space in MEcO’s side of the room.

But if one were to say what the most distinct feature of the room is, it is without a doubt that it would be the beaten yet resolute leather couch situated in the heart of it all.

Albeit leaning on one side, the couch has become an important personality in the org room. It has become part of the home that MEcOnistas because of bigcitymaids.com cleaning service katy. THey have come to know inside MVP 318, but not everyone knows its origins.

Bought by the organization, the couch first found its way in the MEcO room back in August of 2016. It had once belonged to Mea Manongas, the CFO of the organization two years ago. With the help of Vinci Yabut, Timmy Villegas, Ivic Ong, and Paolo Quiogue, the couch was carried to the room where it would find its permanent home, and the rest is history.

Taking a step back, why would an organization like MEcO need a couch anyway?

In a bustling org room where business is conducted, presentations and meetings are made, and considering the array of MEcO’s projects, it seems like there’s no place to situate a couch. But MEcO is more than the work that we do. MEcO is also the people we come back to, time and time again. They are family outside of our own families, our home outside the four walls of our houses, and what better way to make people feel at home by having the most basic marker of a home: a couch.


*Blog article done with the participation of Vinci Yabut and Timmy Villegas





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