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Article by Migs Caparas

They say that MEcO is the only student organization under the business cluster who uses their org room.

We take that as a compliment! That statement says much on what kind of people are in the Management Economics Organization. Every organization preaches to their new members that they will be family to them, but can their org room back up that statement?

Does your org room have people from nine to five?

Does your org room have a cozy couch where people can rest in-between classes?

Does your org room have a bunch of noisy people playing MOBA (Mobile Legends) games with each other and even have a group chat for it?

Does your org room have random food lying around that is up for grabs for everyone?

Does your org room have playing cards that anyone can use during their free time?

I’m not sure about yours, but I’m assured that MVP318, and its residents will always be there for you no matter what time of the day, any day of the week!

No wonder MEcO’s members seem to know each other from head-to-toe—they have bonding sessions even outside of their events!

Everything starts in the org room. What are you waiting for? Give the MEcOBulls a visit and drop by!

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