#InvestToProgress: MEcO Advocates Financial Literacy and Investing

Article by Hannah Wagayen / Photos by Mic-mic Petilla and Ayisha Maliksi

Investment Awareness Week (IAW) is a week-long initiative of MEcO that aims to showcase the traditional and non-traditional ways of promoting the ideas of financial literacy and investing to the Ateneo community. It serves as a pre-hook to the formal event Invest!

Investment Awareness Week was only the appetizer for the full-course meal on events about investing prepared by MEcO, but it was fully packed with the necessary information about the topic. Held to set the mood of the Ateneo students on investing, IAW pushed for more as they branched out in different avenues to reach out to more people to encourage them to invest in themselves and in their futures.


Students visit the activation booth to check out the infographics, freedom wall, and mountain.

Although IAW was held during the whole week of September 3-7, 2018, the physical booth was only set up on the Sec-A foyer on the first four days, until September 6. Students from different courses and year levels, and even non-members of the organization dropped by to visit. It was estimated that around 200 people from the Ateneo community came to check out the booth every day.


The busy hour brings spectators to the booth and a long line for the pre-registration for Invest!

With the help of promotions, the booth attracted a lot of people from the LS community. Aside from the tarpaulins that were hung around the university grounds, MEcO utilized the power of social media by sharing online posters in Facebook. To further expose the project, they also made use of a promo that can help in enticing more people to drop by. Every entry had a chance to win a printer or one of the five shirts. All they had to do was take a picture with the mountain on display, which represents the trend of the PSEi from August 2017 to August 2018, and post it on their Facebook accounts with their own answer the question “What would you invest in?” and include the hashtag #InvestToProgress.


Female student posing with the mountain for a picture to partake in the promo for IAW.

The booth also offered an exhibit of infographics with answers to the questions about the financial freedom of Filipinos and the overall financial status of the country. Among the answers are responses from Asian Development Bank, World Bank, Standard and Poor’s, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, and the Philippines’ Department of Finance. Two infographics were physically displayed at the activation booth and the third one was published online. In addition to that, a freedom wall asking students what they would invest in was part of the physical exhibit as well, getting around 300 responses a day.


Among the displays in the booth are the infographics for the answers to the questions on the financial literacy and education of Philippines.

“I don’t think you should wait. I think, while you’re young, you should invest already.” Kristin Militante, a faculty member of School of Management, replied to the question “Why wait [to invest]?” She, together with two other professors, Justine Gerome Valle and Edwin Yaptangco, showed the professors’ take on investing in the documentary shot by MecO.

When the second documentary was made, it was the students’ turn to be featured. Frannie Reyes, Mico Uy, Jayvee Sinon, Marky Lapuz, and Cory Pavia all shared their personal perspectives about investing. The video garnered responses ranging from investing on the self to investing on other people. The two documentaries were published in MEcO’s Facebook account, putting a close to IAW.


The event may have ended, but the grind to create a wider scope of awareness for financial literacy never stops. IAW serves as the prelude for MEcO’s formal 2-day talk, Invest! Interested attendees signed up the physical registration forms at the booth. Invest! day 1 will be held on October 1, day 2 on October 3, and the culminating activity for Invest!, iCamp, will be held on October 5, 2018.

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