Miniblog: Spend for What Truly Matters

Written By MEcO Bulletin | Dec 16, 2016 | BLOG SUBMISSION

Written by Miggy Santos

Massive sales here and there, 13th/14th month pays, ampaos from lolo/lola/ninong/ninang, even the age old saying that “Christmas is a time for giving” : Are we really wired, conditioned, and set to spend a lot during Christmas season? Maybe. However, there is such a thing as spending responsibly.

Here in MEcO we always talk about investing but to be honest, that just comes 2nd in the bigger scheme of things. At the heart of financial literacy, the backbone of it all will always be personal finance. In short, the simple decisions we make everyday when it comes to our money.

Just two short kwentos. The day before LTS I couldnt find my shades. Since fragile eyes ko especially when I get hungover, I really needed to buy one asap. Was set to buy aviators para Tom Cruise sa TopGun ang peg and tbh, medj ready ako to spend 9k for raybans that night. Then I saw Sunnies. Same design, same fit, same purpose. Just for Php 9,600 LESS. Ended up buying the latter for just php 400. Same LTS experience pa rin naman. ( plus pogi pa rin sakin ). 2nd story was when I was abt to go home from LTS. Christmas rush plus rush hour traffic = uber super surge. It would take me almost Php 700 to get home that usually costs less than Php 200. Ended up taking Comet with Francesca kahit na medj naghintay kami and nakatayo plus 1 more jeep ride. I spent a total of Php 50 that night kasama na yung kwekwek na kinain ko while waiting for jeep 2. Same thing, nakauwi rin naman ako.

Point is, there will always be alternatives. Doesnt mean that we have more available cash this Christmas, we can spend and spend na. Selective pa rin, dun lng sa may value. For example, its a hell lot better to spend a little bit more for a reunion with your closest barkada or to treat your siblings than to spend for a new iPhone 7 kahit naka 6s ka pa na last year lng nakuha. TLDR: Hindi naman kailangan mag tipid ng sobra. Okay lng gumastos basta may pupuntahan talaga yung pera.

Spend for what truly matters the most