Seas the Day at Esplanade’s Seaside Market

Article by Janella Virrey / Photos by Pamela Deyto, Michelle Tiu, and Monica Dimapilis / Graphics by Mariel Avendaño

Esplanade is an annual week-long bazaar hosted by the Ateneo Management Economics Organization. Students and outsiders alike were able to run their own concessionaires and participate in the activities set out at the Zen Garden.

From January 29 to February 2, through MEcO’s Fund Management department, the Ateneo community was able to experience a glimpse of the seaside at the Zen Garden because of this year’s Esplanade: the Seaside Market. With fishnets strewn on the stalls and seashells decorating the area, the bazaar had an overall cozy feel of the seaside. A wide assortment of products, offered by the participating concessionaires, were present as well—ranging from delectable food, fashion-forward clothing, and trendy accessories. Alongside that MEcO members enjoyed a variety of games and activities all throughout the week.

Esplanade is an annual week-long bazaar hosted by the Ateneo Management Economics Organization. Students and outsiders alike were able to run their own concessionaires and participate in the activities set out at the Zen Garden.

From January 29 to February 2, through MEcO’s Fund Management department, the Ateneo community was able to experience a glimpse of the seaside at the Zen Garden because of this year’s Esplanade: the Seaside Market. With fishnets strewn on the stalls and seashells decorating the area, the bazaar had an overall cozy feel of the seaside. A wide assortment of products, offered by the participating concessionaires, were present as well—ranging from delectable food, fashion-forward clothing, and trendy accessories. Alongside that MEcO members enjoyed a variety of games and activities all throughout the week.


Main promotional poster by Molly Walker and Mariel Avendaño


Esplanade setup at the Zen Garden
16 of the concessionaires featured in the event were student-run stalls. These were the following:

Esplanade1718_3 Esplanade1718_4

Vanguard – water repellant spray    |   Fox & Fletcher – messenger bags

Esplanade1718_5 Esplanade1718_6

Vega – running shorts   |   Bud Manila – cacti

Esplanade1718_7 Esplanade1718_8

Vintage Alley – aloha shirts   |   Zippy – pouches

Esplanade1718_9 Esplanade1718_10

Wunderwear – underwear   |   Kinetics Activewear – activewear

Esplanade1718_11 Esplanade1718_12

Mergo – cheese sticks and dips   |   Chamangas – spicy mango shake

Esplanade1718_13 Esplanade1718_14

Gramo – granola bites   |   Motion Activewear – leggings and sweatpants

Esplanade1718_15 Esplanade1718_16

Newtrition – protein spread   |   Sweet & Start – cookies, brownies, and cakes

Esplanade1718_17 Esplanade1718_18

Going Bananas – ice cream   |   Mrs. Puff’s Pastries – Japanese street food

Aside from student-run concessionaires, 8 external enterprises also participated in the event.

Included in this roster was former JSEC stall favorite Chicks2Go. The other concessionaires were as follows:

Esplanade1718_19 Esplanade1718_20

Designer Co. – men’s printed polo and shirts   |   Paisley PH – women’s bags

Esplanade1718_21 Esplanade1718_22

Paisley PH – women’s bags   |   Cliff & Khay Collections – cellphone accessories, kpop, and other novelties

Esplanade1718_23 Esplanade1718_24

DJChic – teens/ladies clothes and specs eyewear    |   The Cousins Collection – women’s wear

Esplanade1718_25 Esplanade1718_26

Chicks2Go – Chicken bites   |   Pasta Pizzarific! & Juice Bar – Pizza, pasta, sausage, and fruit drinks

Various activities and contests were also presented all throughout the week, with exciting games featured each day, such as milk shots, ball elevator, juice pong, eggplant game, and chica line up.


MEcO ladies playing Chica line up


MEcOnistas playing a wholesome game of juice pong

MEcO launched an online poll wherein visitors of the event were asked to like and share the Facebook photo of the logos of their favorite stalls. The poll began during the first day of Esplanade on January 29, and ended on the last day, February 2. The top 3 stalls with the most likes and shares were hailed as the SEAkat award winners. Atenean-run stalls Bud, Mergo, and Zippy, together with non-Atenean stalls Ricky’s Closet, Chicks2Go, and Paisley, won the SEAkat award.

Esplanade1718_29 Esplanade1718_30

Kinetics underwear, Mergo, Wunderwear, Chicks2Go, CCC Food services, and Ricky’s Closet received the “Pearly bird” award, since these concessionaires paid first.


Customers of Esplanade were also asked to vote for their favorite stalls during their visit. The “Gusto Coast” winners who garnered the most votes are, Vintage Alley (1st), Vega (2nd), and Zippy (3rd) for the LS stalls, and, Chicks2Go (1st), CCC Food services (2nd), and Designer Co. for non-LS stalls.


With a generous premium, the “Seas the Day” award was also given to the top-performing concessionaires. Vega won 3rd place, while Vintage Alley placed 2nd. The overall winner of Esplanade (that received 50% off of the concessionaire’s fee) was Chicks2Go.



The following generous sponsors and co-presenters helped make Esplanade: The Seaside Market possible.

Esplanade1718_34  Esplanade1718_35

Esplanade1718_36  Esplanade1718_37



The event would not be as successful without the leadership of Pamelo Deyto and Sabrina So, who stepped up to be the Esplanade project heads. Special commendation is also given to the core team and the volunteers for doing a job well done. Indeed, Esplanade: The Seaside Market showcased MEcO’s main core competence of financial literacy by giving the MEcO members the opportunity to practice it through operation and supervision of their stalls.


The perfect year-ender for the Bulls: LTS 2017, Legends of the Hidden MEcO

Written by Migs Caparas / Photos by Bea Chua, Bea Ladaban, Jat Caintic, Danielle Lambo, Dyan Yu, Sidney Tan, and Red Fabros

LTS 2017: Legends of the Hidden MEcO is a year ending activity designed to bring the Bulls of MEcO closer together through activities that hone leadership and other skills that are helpful in the workplace.

After a line of successful projects last first semester, the always busy Bulls of MEcO needed something to freshen and prime them up for the projects of the next semester.
LTS 2017: Legends of the Hidden MEcO was the perfect year ending activity for the Bulls. Not only did the event provide the Bulls with smiles, laughs and adrenaline from the activities, but it also equipped them with invaluable lessons and skills that they will hopefully apply for the next set of projects lined up for this semester.
Here’s what you missed!
LTS 1718_1
Activities that hone the creative juices of the mind
LTS 1718_2
Team Pride from each of the Tribes of the Hidden MEcO!
LTS 1718_3 LTS 1718_4
Friends–the old and new
LTS 1718_5 LTS 1718_6
Adrenaline-pumping, not-so-friendly competitions!
The participants were in for a surpise on the final night…
LTS 1718_7 LTS 1718_8
…a giant bonfire to further bring the MEcO family together!
Without a doubt, these bulls are ready for a second round at uplifting Financial Literacy and Impact Investing. The only question that remains; is the year ready for the MEcOBulls?!

Join Us, You Must.

Written by Michelle Tiu and Angelica Tancinco / Poster by Anna Abastillas
The force is calling you to an exclusive screening of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.
The force is calling you. Ready your lightsabers on December 15, 7:30 p.m. at Cinema 3 U.P. Town Center, because MEcO Movie Screening is featuring the most awaited movie of the year–Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Don’t worry, no spoilers here, but we do have some great news though. MEcO in partnership with its sponsors is hosting its movie screening which has been a project highly anticipated by movie junkies. Every year movie fans join the hype by coming together for a night of movie appreciation, catching up with friends, and freebies!
Movie Screening 1718_0
For only 400 Pesos, you get to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show along with other Star Wars fans. A bundle ticket promo is also available for grabs. Buy a bundle of 3 tickets for only 390 Pesos each. Now you have more reasons not to watch SOLO! Not only that, attendees will be taking home goodies from Jack N Jill, Nissin, Shakeaway, and Great Taste. We would also like to thank Converge who helped make this event possible.

What are you waiting for? Buy your tickets now at, so you won’t be the LAST JEDI to miss out! We choose the light side of the force. How about you? Like Jyn Erso, we hope to see you there, and may the force be with you.

InStrat DevSeries: Invest for the Future

Written by Emina Sotto / Photos by Bea Tabios / Post-processing by Sofia Nolasco / Poster by Cheska Tiongson

DevSeries: Dare to Envision is a series of department-specific talks geared for MEcO members interested in gaining specialized skills in their respective departments. It is a project under the Human Resources department.

What is the power of investing early?
Members of the Investment Strategies department as well as MEcO Advancement Program (MAP) participants gathered to listen to speaker Mr. Mark Ilao, Business Development Manager of COL Financial Group, Inc. last November 6 in BEL 313 to know the answer to this very question.
To begin his talk, Mr. Ilao told the attendees the commonly known words of wisdom made by parents: “Study hard and pray hard so that you can get a good job.” However, although this statement is true, he responded by strongly emphasizing that a high-paying job is not equal to financial security.
He shared how his former college batchmates wished that they were taught about investing and handling finances during their years in university. “That is the missing piece in our education system,” he stressed. Thus, he believes in the importance of financial literacy.
Furthermore, Mr. Ilao shared important insights about financial management to the attendees by emphasizing the power of investing early. For him, saving is not enough. In his words, “Saving is an act of necessity, investing is an act of optimism.” These optimists are stock market investors.
 InStrat DevSeries 1718_1
To introduce investing, he defined the stock market as a place where companies can raise capital and where one can invest in these ‘publicly listed’ companies. He explained that the stock market is a relationship between companies, stock exchange or stock brokers, and investors or shareholders.
According to Mr. Ilao, stocks are the best tool to build long-term wealth. To further prove his point, he compared investing in time deposits or property versus stocks. In both cases, investing in stocks still emerged the ideal option as it had better benefits and greater returns.
InStrat DevSeries 1718_2
He then moved on to Stock Market 101 where he shared four important guidelines on investing.
First, invest for the long term. For him, it is better to have a long term perspective when it comes to the stock market as numerous things can happen in just a short amount of time.
Second, invest only in quality businesses. He shared that the biggest mistake of investors is falling into the trap of tips given by others without knowing anything about a company. Thus, investing in companies that are well-known is a better option as they have already gained a credible reputation and have acquired trust from the public.
Third, invest using diversification. As the famous saying goes, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” which simply means allocate your money in different investments in order to efficiently manage risks.
Lastly, invest by using a plan. Mr. Ilao stressed the importance of having a strategy. This is to ensure success and to sustain one’s investment journey.
InStrat DevSeries 1718_3
He then discussed the two ways of investing in the stock market. One way would be by investing in listed stocks or individual buy companies. According to Mr. Ilao, listed stocks are more ideal for people who do not have time to monitor the stock market, desire hands-on experience, and have enough capital.
Additionally, an ideal way for beginning investors would be to invest in mutual funds or forms of baskets with different companies, wherein an expert will be investing on an investor’s behalf. This form of investing is simple, convenient, and low-maintenance as stocks are diversified right away.
An important point Mr. Ilao raised is the main problem in investing: human emotion. He discussed that an investor’s tendency to be swayed by their feelings whenever the stock market rises or falls is their greatest disadvantage, and thus, must be avoided at all costs.
Mr. Ilao ended his talk by stressing that one’s most important asset is time, most especially because the Philippines is in a “demographic sweet spot” or a phase where growth is certainly possible.
He advised the room of aspiring student-investors to harness the power of time so that they may achieve their financial goals at an earlier age. Thus, in Mr. Ilao’s words, they “can extend to other people as men and women for others.
InStrat DevSeries 1718_4
There was no doubt that the event was a huge success as the attendees left with significant knowledge about financial management and investing (with complimentary snacks as a bonus!). More importantly, they acquired better understanding of financial security and how it is not always guaranteed by a high-paying job. Thus, they gained a better perspective on handling finances that will benefit them in the long run.
 InStrat DevSeries 1718_5
Ultimately, this event shows how MEcO is able to educate its members by molding them into individuals that are financially literate and well-equipped for the future.
 InStrat DevSeries 1718_6

Acoustic Night: MEcOnistas, One Night Rakistas!

Written by Angelica Tancinco / Photos by Mark Anastacio
Right after the culminating of SOM Week came another event MEcOnistas highly look forward to which is the return of Acoustic Night for its second year. MEcOnistas were given the chance to unwind and bask in the live music and the chill ambiance of the night.
Acoustic Night 1 1718_1
Hosted by Ateneo MEcO’s Fund Management department, Acoustic Night paved an avenue for MEcOnistas to showcase their talents through live performances as Ateneo MEcO not only invests in stocks but also in the talents of its members!
Acoustic Night 1 1718_2
This year’s Acoustic Night was held under the cozy and warm lights of Yellow Flame Bar and Grill in Kapitolyo where we got to witness the amazing voices of MEcOnistas as they sing their hearts out to their own rendition of OPM classics such as Aiza Seguerra’s “Pagdating ng Panahon” and Eraserhead’s “Huling El Bimbo.”
Acoustic Night 1 1718_0
Fitz Shioda and Brandon Alonzo kicked off Acoustic Night by serenading the crowd with their original compositions. Spotted in the scene were some of last year’s and this year’s MEcOustics members.
Acoustic Night 1 1718_4
One of the highlights that night included the performance of Andrew Niguidula where the crowd surprisingly and harmoniously sang along to the his rendition of “Pare Ko” and “Narda.” On the other hand, Migs Caparas’ came prepared with a sawi song by Hale entitled “The Day You Said Goodnight.”
Acoustic Night 1 1718_5
Acoustic Night was definitely not just a night of live music. It was a night where people took a break from academics and work and instead focused on something one would regard as the important matter–family and friends. At the end of the day, here in MEcO we are all family.

Pride Week: Suite Life On Deck!

Written By Julian Uy / Photos By Cara Glorioso and Bea Tabios
MEcO Pride Week is a week-long event where MEcOnistas can let loose, relax, bond, and have fun. One can find theirself lost in the paramount of activities held at Colayco Hall.
During times of trying tribulations and weeks of heavy loaded examinations, only one place provides sanctuary as an escape from the all-consuming academic responsibilities. Ateneo MEcO along with Trampoline Park proudly present Pride Week 2017: Suite Life on Deck!
Pride Week 1 1718_2
In one corner, a cluster of students compete for supremacy in games that require the utmost skill to win home gift certificates from 47 East. Video games such as FIFA, Tekken and NBA are the modes for competition.This played a contrast to those that were chilling like a villain right beside them. If they weren’t spectating those that were fiercely mashing buttons on the PS3 controller, they busied themselves by striking up a conversation with one another or just lying on the mattress to pass the time.
Pride Week 1 1718_3
Other students used Pride Week as a means of catching up on studies while munching on some popcorn from Oishi. One may find a student or two on one corner buried deep in their readings, as if oblivious to the atmosphere of delighted chatter surrounding them. They did not feel alone though as orgmates that study together during “hell week”, stay together.
Pride Week 1 1718_4
Such is the ambiance of Pride Week, but this does not hinder MEcOnistas in any way when you approach them. They still show the same open kindness that catches many newcomers off guard. They can talk to anyone as if they’ve been friends for years. One can see how MEcO is truly a family without boundaries, and Pride Week is where the family gathers.

A Beginner’s Guide to the Stock Market: Investment Mentorship Program Open Session

Written by Emina Sotto / Photos by Andrea Chan / Poster by Monica Dimapilis

The Investment Mentorship Program is a year-long, progressive learning program that teaches the basics of investing all the way to advanced topics.

“Hanggang saan aabot ang 100 pesos mo?”
The Investment Mentorship Program: Open Session started with this question, asked by MEcO’s very own mentors Jaime Manzano and Kahane Pe, who facilitated the event to a room full of mentees and non-mentees, including invited senior high school students from the Ateneo, striving to become student-investors in CTC 114 last October 13.
The answer to the question according to the duo is to invest. Why invest? To battle inflation and to buy financial freedom for your future self.
To start the lesson, Jaime and Kahane first defined stocks as the portion of a company or a good located in the Philippine market that move with supply and demand. Afterwards, they moved on to explaining the difference between investors and traders. They compared investing to a marathon, where enduring the longest is more important than being the fastest.
Open Session 1 1718_1
The main point of their discussion revolved around the FTSR Framework that stands for fundamentals, technicals, sentiment, and risk management; those of which are important factors to consider when it comes to stocks and the stock market.
Under fundamentals or creating the portrait of a company, concepts such as market capitalization, the P/E ratio (price to earnings), and earnings per share were given light.
Moving on to technicals or the forecast using a chart of where prices will go, the types of trends were explained as well as the concepts of support and resistance. Support is the point in the where the stock price does not fall, while the resistance is the point where the stock price does not rise.
Furthermore, sentiments predict the stock prices based on current events regarding a specific stock. They summarized this in one word: news. They emphasized how powerful news can affect how investors perceive the company thereby dictating their desire to invest.
Lastly, they explained risk management, examples of which are cut-loss and diversification.They compared cut-loss to an “exit point” when things do not go as planned, where investors must minimize their losses. On the other hand, diversification was explained as “not putting all eggs into one basket” or investing in more than one stock.
Open Session 1 1718_2
In order to facilitate the discussion and to deepen the understanding of the attendees, simple activities were given.
To understand fundamentals, attendees were asked to search the stock code, CEO, and net income of a certain company.
An activity using an online application called Investagrams, made use of the line tool to distinguish support and resistance points in a graph, to grasp the concept of technicals.
Open Session 1 1718_3
To give emphasis to the impact of sentiments, a group challenge on determining why the stock price dropped for a certain company was accomplished.
Finally, to give sense to diversification, an activity on classifying a list of stocks based on their sectors (according to was executed.
Mentors were present in assisting the attendees throughout the session.
Open Session 1 1718_4
To end the workshop, Vice President for Investment Strategies, Jason Gusilatar, announced the expansion of the program to senior high school students, also acknowledging the few who were present, as he believes in investing on the youth. He also extended his invitation to the attendees to join the other open sessions of the Investment Mentorship Program in the near future, hoping to encourage more students to become student-investors.
Open Session 1 1718_5
The first open session of the Investment Mentorship Program was highly informative and enjoyable. Mentors Jaime Manzano, Kahane Pe, Dan Reyes, and Thea Zabala were successful in organizing the first open session for the Investment Mentorship Program, as the room full of attendees were able to acquire new knowledge regarding the basics of stocks and the stock market. Together with other mentors present: Jolo Gutierrez, Tim Sio, and Adrian Syliangco, they were able to effectively and efficiently guide the participants in having a fruitful and meaningful experience all throughout the workshop.
Open Session 1 1718_6
Through this event, MEcO was able to highlight its core competency of financial literacy, with the goal to educate and build a community of student-investors in the Ateneo.
Open Session 1 1718_7
Interested in attending the next Open Session? Be sure to like the Ateneo Management Economics page on Facebook for updates and announcements.

Enter the Bulls: IgniSOM 2017

Written by Kevin Choa / Photos by Dannica Cabangon, Kevin Choa, Monica Dimapilis, Marco Millan, Golda Sarmiento, and Bea Tabios

SOM Week is an inter-organization competition among the Business Cluster (BC) organizations. Each of the eight BC organizations will host and compete in various events throughout the week showcasing various skills needed in today’s business world.

Last October 23, the Council of Organizations of the Ateneo’s Business Cluster (COA – BC) opened this year’s School of Management (SOM) Week: IgniSOM. Each of the eight BC organizations will host and compete in various events throughout the week showcasing various skills and talents in today’s business world. As one of the eight BC organizations, the Ateneo Management Economics Organization (MEcO) are competing this year under the slogan: “Awaken the bulls.”

SOM Week 1718_1

MEcO enters this year having gone through a major re-branding, especially with their new logos and new team members. This year’s contingent is led by Mr. and Ms. MEcO: Fitz Shioda and Frannie Reyes, also known as F&F. The pair hope to capture the title of Mr. and Ms. SOM with their bold, yet sometimes cutesy image as they compete in the Mr. and Ms. SOM pageant this Friday, October 27.

SOM Week 1718_2

Other events MEcO competed in were Spark of the Intellex, a quiz bee on the various fields of business, hosted by Ateneo Lex last Monday, October 23. The 4-person team featured one participant from each batch: Alyssa Go (Freshmen), Lorraine Lau (Sophomores), Yu Chong Lim (Juniors), and Mari De Leon (Seniors). Despite all their best efforts, the maroon-clad team finished outside the Top Four.

SOM Week 1718_3

MEcO also sent a team to compete in Liyab: Blazing a Trail to Sustainability, a case study event based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), hosted by AIESEC Ateneo and the Ateneo Management of Applied Chemistry Association (MACA). Led by Juniors Doty Palafox and Migs Caparas, while featuring newcomers in Jolo Gutierrez, Willette Lim, and Sophia Bulalacao, the team proposed for a sanitation project in Bos Sbov in the Cambodian province of Bantey Meanchey, an area struggling with contaminated water and a poor waste management and disposal system. Focusing their proposal on proper education on waste disposal and femenine hygiene, the team impressed the judges, but failed to gain a spot in the Top Four.

SOM Week 1718_4

SOM Week 1718_5

Finally, a team of MEcOnistas hope to show their creativity in this year’s ISOM video competition hosted by the Ateneo Association for Communications Technology Management (ACTM). Each team had to create a creative video promoting local industries. While the submissions have been closed, there is still no word of the results as of press time.

However, all hope is not lost with five more events to go, plus the Mr. and Ms. SOM pageant during the Culminating Night on Friday (October 27). Two more teams hope to redeem their case competition skills, competing in the P&G Case Competition hosted by the Ateneo Junior Marketing Association (AJMA) and the Project Nurture Product Presentation hosted by the Ateneo Management Association (AMA). The P&G competition will take place on October 25, 5:00 to 9:00 P.M., at the Escaler Hall, while the Project Nurture Presentation will be held the next night (October 26), 5:00 to 9:00 P.M., at the Ching Tan Room (SOM 111).
Other events which will see MEcO go after this year’s SOM Week Championship are Flare, hosted by the Ateneo Management Engineering Association (MEA), and Blaze It to Win It, hosted by MEcO. Flare will be held on October 25, 5:00 to 9:00 P.M., at CTC 105. Blaze It to Win It, meanwhile, will take place on October 26, 5:00 to 9:00 P.M., at the Escaler Hall. The week ends with a Culminating Night on October 27, 5:00 P.M. to midnight, at the Henry Lee-Irwin Theater, where this year’s SOM Week champions will be crowned.
However, SOM Week isn’t all about competition. Other MEcOnistas pitched in their ideas, skills, and resources in creating Astwig: a drinking straw made out of bamboo. Astwig is still available for sale throughout SOM Week at this year’s SOM bazaar: Project Nurture. Project Nurture, hosted by AMA, is still ongoing and is open from 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. at the SEC-C Foyer throughout SOM Week. The bazaar features various products from the different BC organizations, each made with supporting local industries and overall sustainability in mind.
 SOM Week 1718_6
As the end of SOM Week approaches, there is no reason for the bulls of MEcO to turn back. This year, the bulls have been awakened and are ready to charge towards the title. With much of the week still underway, it is still difficult to predict an outright champion. Nevertheless, MEcOnistas only have their eyes on the title and nothing more. This year, MEcO has risen.
SOM Week 1718_7

Kidpreneur at AGS fair

Written by Julian Uy / Photos by Dannica Cabangong

Kidpreneur provides ateneo gradeschoolers with yet again naother avenue to show off their entrepreneurial skills.


For the Ateneo grade schoolers, the school fair is a long-awaited event before the beginning of a long and arduous period of studying. It is an opportunity to relax and let loose, but while some may take this opportunity to run around and play, others such as the kids from Kidpreneur use this time to immerse themselves in the experience of entrepreneurship.

Kidpreneur AGS 1718_1

18 kids chose to be part of this experience, each having 1 hour to man the stall and roam around the boisterous campus in search of more customers.Their snacks for sale entailed the small yet juicy sisig wrap and the thin yet filling cheese sticks.

Kidpreneur AGS 1718_2

The volunteers of Meco aided the kids by accompanying them around the campus and helping them sell their products

Kidpreneur AGS 1718_3

The kids were like little balls of energy for the entirety of the two-day fair. They ran, they sold, they laughed, they cooked (putting food in a microwave), but most of all, they learned! So finally, after having sold 400 pieces of sisig wrap and 420 cheese sticks, the little entrepreneurs of MEcO reported feeling happy to have been able to step out of their comfort zones to talk to people.

Kidpreneur AGS 1718_4

FM DevSeries: Pitch Your Ideas to Walrus and Tortuga

Written by Michelle Tiu / Photos by Red Fabros and Monica Dimapilis

MEcOnistas were given the chance to test their creativity and skills in pitching product and marketing ideas to the owner of Walrus and Tortuga Katipunan.

With Ateneo MEcO’s rebranding, one of the things included is the M.A.P. (MEcO Advancement Program). This revamping gave birth to a new DevSeries by the Human Resources department. Various departments will take turn in hosting workshops and talks specifically for its members.

FM DevSeries 1718_1

Held last October 4, the Fund Management department (FM) hosted the first ever DevSeries for the year to further immerse freshmen and FM members what their department is all about.
Special guest Zachary Riskin, co-owner of Walrus and Tortuga Katipunan, came by to talk about entrepreneurship based on his personal experience. Surely, the crowd of Ateneans were thrilled to get to know the secret behind Walrus’ famous chicken skin.
FM DevSeries 1718_2
Like most startups, especially a food and beverage business with numerous competitors, the task of opening one with no prior experience was not an easy job. The most basic checklist to be completed was: have a good team, know the business’ market, have a good product, and be prepared to wait. To quote Zachary,
“The long fight is when the work really begins. No tangible reward in sight at first other than the continuity of the business. It takes a lot of perseverance and cooperation. You can’t just get bored, quit, or slack off.”
When asked what he thinks of money, he said,
“Every entrepreneur might be to earn money, and that’s not bad; however, one must not pursue money simply for money’s sake.”
“Money can give you freedom, help you help others, and ease your mind.”
FM DevSeries 1718_3
After the talk, MEcOnistas were asked to break into groups and socialize with fellow FM members. The task given was to pitch an idea that will help the sales of Walrus Katipunan to the owner, himself. FM members got competitive and started brainstorming for clever and even hillarious ideas for Zachary to declare a winner.
A couple of minutes had passed, and the teams were ready to pitch their ideas. One team pitched that Walrus Katipunan should host games. In addition, a Drinking Wheel, much like the Wheel of Fortune, can be an addition wherein in guests can test their luck and spin the wheel to win free food and drinks and have a lot of fun! Zachary loved their idea and finally declared them as the winner.
FM DevSeries 1718_4
Truly, MEcOnistas showed that they are more. Stay tuned because Ateneo MEcO has more in store this school year!

MEcO Pledge Week: Make Your Every Pledge and Peso Count

Written by Janella Virrey / Photos by Archie Bocalbos, Mariel Avendano, and Andie Lim / Interviews by Janella Virrey / Post-processing by Mariel Avendano

Pledge Week is a week-long selling event that aims to fund the Save! Campaign by garnering pledges from the students of the Ateneo community.


The last week of September ended on a good note for MEcO because of the success of Pledge Week 2017. Held last September 25-29, Pledge Week is a week-long project that aims to garner pledges from generous students who voluntarily gave different amounts of money to fund the Save! Campaign. All profits earned from Pledge Week directly impact the Community Development department and its Save! Campaign project.

Pledge Week 1718_1

Pledgers posing with their stickers and piggy bank

Save! Campaign is one of MEcO’s year-long initiatives that aims to teach the kids of its partner beneficiary, Kalumpang Elementary School, the fundamentals of saving and financial literacy, in order to propagate its core competencies not just within the organization, but also the communities outside of it. It aids in building the children’s awareness on the importance of saving at a young age— it teaches these children the basics of saving and helps them improve their saving habits.
For this year, the superhero theme dominated Pledge Week. Rigorous efforts were made to promote the event; these efforts were manifested through the dissemination of both traditional and non-traditional promos around the campus and on social media.
Pledge Week 1718_2
Main promotional poster by Ysa Cuison
During the event proper, the Pledge Week booths situated in Kostka extension and JSEC were greeted by an overwhelming influx of pledges, especially during the first few days. By pledging to the project, the students were able to sponsor a Kalumpang elementary student with a piggy bank— one of the most basic yet effective forms of saving for children as young as them. However, pledgers did not go away empty-handed, because in return, they were given free stickers depending on the package they availed. Since the theme for this year is focused on superheroes, the sticker designs were also superhero-themed.
Pledge Week 1718_3
Superhero-themed stickers designed by Mariel Avendano
Pledge Week 1718_4
Volunteer rovers wearing red hero capes
Pledge Week 1718_5
Pledge week booth at Kostka extension
Rapa Limpingco, co-project head responsible for organizing and leading the Pledge Week core team, had this to say on the turnout of the project.
“It went above our expectations. I feel like we were able to gain more than enough funds for the kids of Save! campaign.”
Archie Bocalbos, co-project head, also agreed that the turnout of Pledge Week was successful.
“Okay naman. We exceeded our expectations twofold. The turnout [of the project] will be helpful to the Save! campaign since the expenses will be covered.”
However, before attaining success, they still encountered difficulties in terms of planning and execution that slightly threatened the project. Upon being asked, Archie said,
“For planning, yung token na ibibigay namin sa mga pledges, as well as cost for pledging was hard. Yung pag-forecast ng demand for pledges is also tricky. [We also encountered difficulties since] this pledge week is not the same as the pledge week last year. Before, we only had fundraising, walang token. Now, we had to think of a product to sell. Execution-wise, mahirap yung [task of] organizing volunteers, as well as booth maintenance.”
Meanwhile, Rapa said,
“As for planning the project, we didn’t face that many problems. But, as for execution, I feel like we lacked in getting enough volunteers to continuously look for pledges throughout the week. However, overall, like I said, we went beyond the goal we set for ourselves.”
Considering that theme for Pledge Week was superheroes, both Archie and Rapa had persons in mind whom they considered as the heroes of Pledge Week 2017 and served as the primary factors that contributed to the success of the project. Without any hesitation, Rapa said,
“For me, there was only one primary factor [that contributed to the project’s success]— that was the commitment of the volunteers to raise funds and get pledges for the Save! campaign and the kids. And with that, the heroes for this project were those who pledged and those who worked hard to gain enough funds for Save! campaign to be a memorable one for the children.”
On the other hand, Archie considered the volunteers and his core team as the heroes of Pledge Week.
“Of course, yung mga volunteers, number one. Especially the freshmen who were consistent throughout the week. Siyempre, core team ko, sila rin nagplan nito— hindi ‘to mangyayari kung wala yung sila.”
Pledge Week 1718_6
Volunteers of Pledge Week, with co-project head, Rapa Limpingco
Bong Ramos, a newcomer in MEcO, shared to us his reasons for volunteering for Pledge Week.
“[I volunteered] because I felt like I wasn’t doing my job if I didn’t volunteer. I didn’t sign up for Save! campaign, so it’s my way of contributing to the organization.”
Pledge Week was more than just a simple fundraising activity. It sets the bar high for future projects of the same nature, since, it has exceeded the expected outcome in terms of profit and number of pledges. The tally of pledges amounts to a total of 560 pledges during the whole week of operation.
Yet again, another fruitful project for MEcO has passed, hopefully, signifying the onset of more successes in the upcoming projects. Kudos to the project heads, core team, and volunteers who made the event possible, as well as the generous students and alumni who pledged for the benefit of the Kalumpang Elementary School kids, the beneficiaries of MEcO’s Save! Campaign.

SAVE! Day 1: A SUPER way to start the Campaign

Written by Migs Caparas / 
The superheroes of Ateneo MEcO once again return to Marikina to meet the kids of Calumpang Elementary School. Armed with knowledge on basic financial literacy, it is time for Ateneo MEcO to help the kids SAVE! the day once again.
SAVE! Campaign is back and bigger than ever! Now catering to two-hundred kids, one can say that the superhero themed event has been SUPERSIZED!, but it was still able to bring out the same quality of smiles from the kids just like last year.
Save1 1718_1
What way would be better to start the program off than a short dance number from the hosts Migs Caparas and Mikay Abisana? The very bibo duo welcomed the kids by showing their super dance moves and super kulit energy! Their introduction set the mood for the very exciting day to come.
Save1 1718_2
Having set the mood of the day for the kids, the hosts took a step back and had the kids show their own energy through chants and cheers. With the help of their kuya and ate facilitators, they all were able to come up with creative cheers for their groups. One group even had their own take on Queen’s We Will Rock You as their cheer! The energy was undeniably SUPER! It was at this point that the MEcOnistas knew that the kids were ready for the day and to learn how to SAVE!
Save1 1718_3
Shortly after, the Kids studied basic budgeting, and the concept of needs and wants. No lesson is too hard for the kids thanks to their very knowledgable faci’s! They then applied the lesson a a short ball game wherein they needed to shoot balls into boxes with items labeled on them. The balls needed to be shot through boxes that are labled with items that are considered as economic needs. This is in hopes that they will do the same thing in day-to-day life! Of course SAVE! Campaign isn’t all lectures and lessons. It wouldn’t be as SUPER! without these adrenaline-pumping activites.
Save1 1718_4 Save1 1718_5
After all the tiring lessons and activities, the kids needed a SUPER! break with SUPER! food! A prayer before meals was led by one of their teachers, ma’am Emma-lyn. She also announced that one of the kids, Jessica, was celebrating her birthday on that day! Happy birthday Jessica, we hope you enjoyed your day!
Save1 1718_6
After the break, it was time again to learn. This time, the lectures were about the dangers of Impluse Buying and how to prepare for emergencies where money is needed. The last lesson was about tips on how to actually SAVE! money.
Save1 1718_7
It is also worth nothing that MEcO alumni were present in the event. They were the ones who started the org nearly three decades ago and they are happy to see what MEcO has accomplished these past years, most especially SAVE! Campaign. One of them, ma’am Gia, even shared a story to the kids on how she teaches her child how to SAVE! the allowance that she gives him for school.
Save1 1718_8
After all was said and done, the MEcOnistas had to leave the kids of Calumpang Elemtary School. But fret not for this only the beginning! the MEcOnistas are only preparing for the second day of SAVE! Campaign. Project head Hannah Wagayen gave her final words and thanks to the kids and the Calumpang Kids expressed their gratitude as well.
Save1 1718_9
Until next week, Kids. See you on DAY TWO!


Written by Julian Uy / Photos by Julian Uy

Kidpreneur is a registered club activity under Meco that caters to kids in grade school. It hopes to teach them the importance of saving and entrepreneurship.


Kidpreneur 1718_1

The day was filled with dark clouds which hinted to eventual rainfall but even somber weather was not enough to dampen the members’ spirits. Excited chatter crowded the air in the classroom as volunteers met the children they were assigned to assist. Each group went about how they would best sell their food whilst getting to know each other through small talk.

After a few minutes of discussion, groups went out one after another to try their luck in the different grade level faculty rooms. The harrowing silence of the faculty room was broken by the piercing screams of ecstatic children. The little entrepreneurs invaded faculty rooms and the break time of the basketball team to sell all their candies and drinks. In a span of less than an hour, most of their products had already sold out. Although at first kids had reported feeling weird about the activity, they later on came around stating that they felt fulfilled being able to sell everything to students and teachers alike. They found that they were lacking stocks for their other customers who weren’t able to receive and went so far as to request that more be brought next session.


Kidpreneur 1718_2

All in all, it was a promising start for MEcO’s kidpreneur!

Kidpreneur 1718_3

The Filipino is Worth Investing For: Invest! Day 1

Written by Kevin Choa / Photos by Mark Anastacio and Issa Imperial
Invest! is a two-day event which aims to teach the basic skills and principles to anyone interested in investing, whether it be in the stock market or in other investments.
Last September 18, the Ateneo Management Economics Organization (MEcO) kicked off one of its flagship projects on financial literacy: Invest! This two-day event aims to teach the basic skills and principles to anyone interested in investing, whether it be in the stock market or personal finance.
Invest1 1718_1
Day One saw Edmund Lee, a Chartered Financial Analyst and the President and CEO of Caylum Trading Institute, share his insights on investing to a packed, standing room-only crowd at the Escaler Hall. Much of his talk discussed about the common fears and debunked certain myths about the stock market to new investors, as well as explaining why the Philippine market is a good investment at this time.
Mr. Lee began his talk by mentioning that millennials are the luckiest generation so far. Information, according to him, is now within easy reach due to advances and innovations in technology. That being said, one’s success is not dependent on one’s access to such technology; it’s how one uses it to his/her advantage that counts. However, he mentioned that despite the enormous wealth of information one may have, there would always be a need to maximize it. Future generations, Mr. Lee said, would become smarter and more adaptive, therefore making it more important to build on one’s resources as much as possible.
Invest1 1718_2
The speaker then proceeded to explain why investing was a simpler way to increase one’s wealth, emphasizing the fact that majority of the wealthiest individuals in the world built their fortunes on investments over inheritances. As costs increase and going into business becomes harder, investing is a viable option, as you “make your money work for you.” In saying this, Mr. Lee said that large companies and corporations are partners in the business world, considering the amount of influence and networks they have on the overall business community. While being an entrepreneur is still a common practice, many entrepreneurs turn to those businesses for help.
Moving on to the topic of the stock market as a representation of the economy, it is anything but certain, given the various rises and drops in the values of certain stocks at certain periods of time. An example would be the 2016 Philippine elections, in which no one could be certain that Rodrigo Duterte is the best option amongst all the candidates before he was elected. Mr. Lee further emphasized that until his or her term ends, no one can confidently tell or fully prove if a president is considered a good or bad leader. Such uncertainty during an election creates noise on who would be the best one, similar to the stock market itself.
Invest1 1718_3
Mr. Lee then added that there are always scapegoats, negative press, and other sorts of distractions which affect the trading and investing decisions in the stock market. He emphasized that despite the constant news of dropping values, not every drop means economic recession. Not only was the Philippine economy not badly hit by the 2008 financial crisis in the United States, but also much of the Philippine GDP comes from outside the country (BPOs and OFWs), according to Mr. Lee. He also said that investors must focus on long-term effects any policy or event has on the economy, no matter the short-term risks it imposes.
Mr. Lee then encouraged the audience to begin investing, by saying that “Everyone wants to invest in the Philippines, except the Filipino.”, as well as encouraged investing in megatrends in the country and internationally. He then cited the stories behind the success of various companies, such as Apple, Yahoo!, Blackberry, and Universal Robina, companies which expanded their operations and succeeded as a result. All four companies’ stock prices had an upward spike in value at some point.
 Invest1 1718_4
At the end of the day, however, Mr. Lee encouraged new investors to fully understand the scope of their investments. He mentioned the value of brands, as well as the various trends and innovations which change people’s lives, stressing that unlike popular opinion, the stock market is anything but a gamble. It is full of points to consider: where one is in the market, what the market conditions are, and how one must act based on decisions and events which affect the business community. He then closed Day One by discussing the concept of a shared economy, crucial to new investors as well. The Philippines is full of demographics, young labor, and the development of technology which could soon arrive. As part of the market, we as investors share the economic activity and growth, which is dominant in a time where some of the richest companies own nothing and earn on sharing services from other people. Even with all this technology and knowledge flowing, there is nothing to gain if these are not properly shared and determine the overall activity of the stock market.
Invest1 1718_5
Invest! Day 2 will be held on Monday, September 25 at Escaler Hall. Brian Ngan, Chief Investment Officer for Cedarside Holdings Corporation, will discuss the basic skills for trading and investing, the final step for new investors willing to seek the peak.

Plan Ahead: Investment Awareness Week 2017

Written by Janella Virrey / Edited by Emina Sotto and Michelle Tiu / Photos by Janella Virrey

Investment Awareness Week (IAW) is a newly-launched initiative of MEcO that aims to showcase the traditional and non-traditional ways of promoting the idea of investing to the Ateneo community. It serves as a pre-hook to the formal event Invest!

Held from September 11-24, Investment Awareness Week (IAW) is a newly-launched project of MEcO that aims to provide, communicate, and spread awareness on the importance of investing to the Ateneo community. Investment Awareness Week is a pre-hook to the formal event Invest!, which is a 2-day talk introducing the attendees of the said event to the world of investing. In line with this, Investment Awareness Week showcased what it would be like to orient the self towards making decisions on responsible investment-making, and hopefully through this effort, encourage the community to attend Invest! and begin their investment journey from there.
The initiative lasted a whole week and exhibited many different forms of campaigns not just around the campus, but on social media as well— ranging from traditional promos posted on social media such as GIFs, invest stories, as well as choose your own invest simulation games, to non-traditional promos such as posters and pathway tarpaulins.
IAW 1718_1
Poster designed by Cara Glorioso posted along Dela Costa
Upon asking one of the project heads for the first-ever Investment Awareness Week campaign on the turnout of their efforts, Mariel Avendaño said,
“One of the difficulties we faced was the problem of manpower shortage. The lack of time also gave us little time for preparations. Learning to fit our project within MEcO’s timeline was also hard since MEcO has a lot of projects. Of course [our efforts paid off], I hope so. It makes me happy to hear that people have been responsive towards our promos.”
MEcOnistas were also excited about the initiative, since it was new and never-before-seen. Especially with the unique and various ways IAW had campaigned, the members of the organization did not miss these promos.

Much like the students featured on the invest stories, these people also know what it’s like to invest in something, even if it isn’t necessarily on financial investments.

IAW 1718_0

Students of the Ateneo community joined in and wrote their thoughts on the question “Kanino ka nag-iinvest?”
The first-ever Investment Awareness Week was indeed a laudable and successful effort since it helped the people understand the basics of investments, and how it can impact an individual and the society as a whole. Aside from that, it was important because the organization was able to share to the community its mission of impact investing and financial literacy— staying true to what MEcO as an organization stands and works for.
The 2-day Invest! series will be held on September 18 and September 25. Various speakers will be present to talk about the fundamentals of financial literacy and investing.
IAW 1718_2


¡Vámonos de parranda! Welcoming Night: Cinco de MEcO

Written by Migs Caparas / Photos by Greg Tam, Mark Anastacio, Willette Lim and Jayvee Sinon

Welcoming Night: Cinco de MEcO is a project of the Internals department designed to welcome and form bonds between old and new members. This makes the organization more work-friendly and effective in the long run.

Shortly after being introduced to the Management Economics Organization and to their respective departments through General Assemblies, the new and returning faces of MEcO were greeted by a night of fun, food, and company. This year’s Welcoming Night “Cinco de MEcO” made sure that the members of the organization were well-bonded, welcomed, and ready to work for the busy year ahead.

Stories were shared, games were played, and bonds were formed. MEcO believes that this was how great years should be started—with food, games and a whole lot of fun.

Welcoming Night 1718_1

MEcO has its core competencies namely Financial Literacy and Impact Investing. However, as equally important, is how the members of the organization are formed. Projects under Internals, like Cinco de MEcO, are what make that happen.

Luigi Posadas and Abbygale King started the party and set the party-mood by lending their energies as the hosts of the night. After they called on the project heads Shaira Santiago, Willete Lim, and Mico Madamba they led the guests through a series of party games to break the ice!
Classic games like Musical Chairs and Plate Relay were played, but all included fun twists that brought both the fun and the welcoming atmosphere to the start the night. This was all intended to make the first major event of the year a blast for the members.


Veteran and fresh faces were present that night. Both old and new members interacting with one another was a sight to see, because that is the whole point of the event—to bring the old and new together to form one big family for the year ahead.

 Welcoming Night 1718_2

Welcoming Night 1718_3

Vice President for Community Development, Paolo Rosete lunges at the MEcOBull Piñata because what is a Mexican themed party without one?

When all was said and done, hosts Luigi and Abbygale dropped their mics and gave way to the dance floor. ¡Vámonos de parranda!

Welcoming Night 1718_4

Welcoming Night 1718_5


 Guests’ sweet tooth were satisfied by our generous sponsor, Pepero, who provided Casa MEcO with a supply of White Cookie Pepero.

The MEcO veterans had their fair share of fun, but they were not the true stars of the night. The real stars of the night were the new members, the freshmen of the year! The new Chiquitos and Chiquitas of MEcO no doubt had their fun. The warm smiles on their faces as they left Casa MEcO was a great indicator not only for this year, but also for the years ahead of them

Welcoming Night 1718_6

Heads Up! – MEcO Members’ General Assembly 2017

Written by Kevin Choa / Edited by Michelle Tiu / Photos by Issa Imperial and Emina Sotto
MEcO officially kicked off its twenty-eighth year last August 30 with the Members’ General Assembly. Members were introduced to the various projects being done in the organization and got to choose their departments they would be part of this year.
The hosts kicked off the event by introducing the organization, its core competencies of Impact Investing and Financial Literacy, as well as other goals set for this year. They pushed for members to be active, as MEcO’s various goals, achievements, and upcoming projects this school were announced. Discussing their own personal experiences and memories made as members themselves, the hosts pushed both old and new members to ask questions throughout the event to help them decide on how they could become active in MEcO.
This was followed by introductions from each of the six departments (Communications, Community Development, Corporate Relations, Fund Management, Human Resources, and Investment Strategies). Each department introduced their teams as well as pitched their respective projects and available positions for the year, while emphasizing their commitments towards pushing towards either Impact Investing, Financial Literacy, or in some cases, both. Following MEcO’s tradition of accepting students from all majors, all departments were open for all members to join, regardless of their skill sets and previous experiences.
GA1718_2 GA1718_4 GA1718_3
After the last department finished with their introductions, both new and old members formally registered into the organization and chose the department they would be joining this year. This officially marks the start of the year for the organization and its members, thus bringing the Members’ General Assembly to a close. Judging from the various faces seen throughout the event, it is clear that old and new MEcOnistas are more than eager to start a year of activities, projects, and experiences which push their personal growth and that of those within and outside the organization.

MEc Primer 2017: A Journey Into the Jungle!

Written by Migs Caparas / Photos by Monica Dimapilis, Mark Anastacio, Sidney Tan and Issa Imperial
MEc Primer 2017, Into the jungle is designed to soften the Management Economics freshies’ entrance into the Ateneo by bonding them with their fellow coursemates through various talks and activities.
INTO THE JUNGLE went the freshies of Management Economics batch Likha. Fresh from OrSem and SOSS camp, these freshies thought that they already knew what to expect from this year’s MEcO Primer 2017: INTO THE JUNGLE. Held in the dim-lit and appropriately decorated Rizal Mini Theater, coupled with the roaring and energetic hosts, facilitators and volunteers, this year’s primer definitely gave out a wild and lush jungle vibe.
But there was no such thing as too wild for this year’s bunch, for they were well-equipped with t-shirts. Along with their fellow freshies, they were grouped and named after jungle crawlers such as Tigers and Big Black Alligators. They were also led by their very own facilitators whom they themselves have embodied each designated animal through creative dance numbers. Together they had created cheers, or rather, calls of the wild, that will surely startle even the most DANGEROUS creature out there.

With that high energy of a place, it was only appropriate to have a proper medium in which these primal and wild energies could be channeled through. In the case of the Primer, it was a bunch of group dynamics and games. Activities such as Minute to Win It and Human Bingo were conducted in order for these freshmen to have fun and get to know each other a little bit more. The fun that the freshies had could be seen through their sweat and smiles as they competed in each event.


Of course all that adrenaline needed to be equaled out in some kind of way and what better way than having alumni speak in front to inspire these wild freshies in joining the prestigious organization? Alumnus Miggy Santos and Ivic Ong came to visit and delivered speeches for the organization as they shared their experiences and their “why’s” in joining and staying in the organization. It is very unarguable that MEcO has shaped these peoples’ lives, leaving the freshmen the question, “Will MEcO change your life as well?” (There is only one way to find out!)


As the day went on, the cheers and the roars started dwindling down, but it was time for one last activity: The Amazing Race! Although the weather was very cloudy at this point, the freshies were not disheartened. They actually felt the jungle vibe of the event even more! With that, they went around campus searching for stations in which challenges awaited them. The race featured a point system in which the very best team will be awarded after the event. This made room for the spirit of competitiveness, something that is welcomed in this intense activity!


Unlike every event, Primer: Into the Jungle featured high levels of energy and excitement, but like every event it needed to come to an end. The event ended with an awarding ceremony to the wildest of the wild. MILO ENERGY GAP award and the BEST FACILITATOR award, among others, were given out to those of who had the highest of energy levels quite akin to a fierce tiger. These awards were given by no other than the project heads Sidney Tan and Selena Yu.


Through this primer, the freshies saw a glimpse of MEcO and what it has to offer, and we hope to see more of these energetic personalities inside the organization real soon. We hope that the freshmen have enjoyed the event and we wish that through this event, they are more eager now more than ever to join the Management Economics Organization for more WILD experiences!