Blueprint: A Night of Conversations and Get-to-Know’s

Article by Michelle Tiu / Photography by Issa Imperial and Ayisha Maliksi

I guess we’re at that point in college where we start to worry about what our future would look like, what career or job we want, or even consider pursuing further studies. We look at different places, talk to different people, and eventually take a chance by sending our resumes to different companies. Thankfully, Networking Nights, a project under the Corporate Relations department of MEcO, is there to give us more opportunities to know about the different types of career paths available out there. 

Networking Nights 2018 2

Entitled Blueprint, this year’s networking night hosted by MEcO in partnership with Rizal Library and Upstart was welcomed by MEcOnistas and Ateneans from different year levels. Dressed up all dapper and professional, we were thrilled to see what the night had in store for us.

Networking Nights 2018 6

It was nice to see familiar faces, new faces, and even MEcO alumni who came by to support this project. Representatives from different types of businesses ranging from new start-ups to big-scale corporations were glad to join us for a night filled with conversations and get-to-know’s. 

Networking Nights 2018

After the brief introduction of each company, the programs team prepared a segment of round-of-tables where company representatives sat with the students. The latter took the chance to ask specific questions about each company representative’s work and their stories. In that moment, everyone was so engaged with the conversation that the time allotted for each table wasn’t enough. 

Networking Nights 2018 3

The best part of the night was probably when the scrumptious dinner was served. Who doesn’t like a conversation over good food? (Thanks, Kitchen Treasures!)

Certainly, it was nice to see everyone enjoying each other’s presence during Networking Night. It may have been a formal event, but that didn’t stop themselves to have a good time by sharing personal stories and jokes. With that said, this year’s Networking Night was surely a success. To cap off the night, VP for Corporate Relations Jed Tria and AVP for Corporate Relations Nacho Lozano say a word of thanks to the attendees and the speakers who came to support the project.

Networking Nights 2018 4

Although we are never sure of what the future holds, I hope that everyone of us will be given the chance to discover our own interests and pursue our passion. Maybe a few years from now, we’ll all be employed individuals working to give back to the community and even to the country. May this night be a memory we would look back to with a smile on our face one day in the future.