Seas the Day at Esplanade’s Seaside Market

Article by Janella Virrey / Photos by Pamela Deyto, Michelle Tiu, and Monica Dimapilis / Graphics by Mariel Avendaño

Esplanade is an annual week-long bazaar hosted by the Ateneo Management Economics Organization. Students and outsiders alike were able to run their own concessionaires and participate in the activities set out at the Zen Garden.

From January 29 to February 2, through MEcO’s Fund Management department, the Ateneo community was able to experience a glimpse of the seaside at the Zen Garden because of this year’s Esplanade: the Seaside Market. With fishnets strewn on the stalls and seashells decorating the area, the bazaar had an overall cozy feel of the seaside. A wide assortment of products, offered by the participating concessionaires, were present as well—ranging from delectable food, fashion-forward clothing, and trendy accessories. Alongside that MEcO members enjoyed a variety of games and activities all throughout the week.

Esplanade is an annual week-long bazaar hosted by the Ateneo Management Economics Organization. Students and outsiders alike were able to run their own concessionaires and participate in the activities set out at the Zen Garden.

From January 29 to February 2, through MEcO’s Fund Management department, the Ateneo community was able to experience a glimpse of the seaside at the Zen Garden because of this year’s Esplanade: the Seaside Market. With fishnets strewn on the stalls and seashells decorating the area, the bazaar had an overall cozy feel of the seaside. A wide assortment of products, offered by the participating concessionaires, were present as well—ranging from delectable food, fashion-forward clothing, and trendy accessories. Alongside that MEcO members enjoyed a variety of games and activities all throughout the week.


Main promotional poster by Molly Walker and Mariel Avendaño


Esplanade setup at the Zen Garden
16 of the concessionaires featured in the event were student-run stalls. These were the following:

Esplanade1718_3 Esplanade1718_4

Vanguard – water repellant spray    |   Fox & Fletcher – messenger bags

Esplanade1718_5 Esplanade1718_6

Vega – running shorts   |   Bud Manila – cacti

Esplanade1718_7 Esplanade1718_8

Vintage Alley – aloha shirts   |   Zippy – pouches

Esplanade1718_9 Esplanade1718_10

Wunderwear – underwear   |   Kinetics Activewear – activewear

Esplanade1718_11 Esplanade1718_12

Mergo – cheese sticks and dips   |   Chamangas – spicy mango shake

Esplanade1718_13 Esplanade1718_14

Gramo – granola bites   |   Motion Activewear – leggings and sweatpants

Esplanade1718_15 Esplanade1718_16

Newtrition – protein spread   |   Sweet & Start – cookies, brownies, and cakes

Esplanade1718_17 Esplanade1718_18

Going Bananas – ice cream   |   Mrs. Puff’s Pastries – Japanese street food

Aside from student-run concessionaires, 8 external enterprises also participated in the event.

Included in this roster was former JSEC stall favorite Chicks2Go. The other concessionaires were as follows:

Esplanade1718_19 Esplanade1718_20

Designer Co. – men’s printed polo and shirts   |   Paisley PH – women’s bags

Esplanade1718_21 Esplanade1718_22

Paisley PH – women’s bags   |   Cliff & Khay Collections – cellphone accessories, kpop, and other novelties

Esplanade1718_23 Esplanade1718_24

DJChic – teens/ladies clothes and specs eyewear    |   The Cousins Collection – women’s wear

Esplanade1718_25 Esplanade1718_26

Chicks2Go – Chicken bites   |   Pasta Pizzarific! & Juice Bar – Pizza, pasta, sausage, and fruit drinks

Various activities and contests were also presented all throughout the week, with exciting games featured each day, such as milk shots, ball elevator, juice pong, eggplant game, and chica line up.


MEcO ladies playing Chica line up


MEcOnistas playing a wholesome game of juice pong

MEcO launched an online poll wherein visitors of the event were asked to like and share the Facebook photo of the logos of their favorite stalls. The poll began during the first day of Esplanade on January 29, and ended on the last day, February 2. The top 3 stalls with the most likes and shares were hailed as the SEAkat award winners. Atenean-run stalls Bud, Mergo, and Zippy, together with non-Atenean stalls Ricky’s Closet, Chicks2Go, and Paisley, won the SEAkat award.

Esplanade1718_29 Esplanade1718_30

Kinetics underwear, Mergo, Wunderwear, Chicks2Go, CCC Food services, and Ricky’s Closet received the “Pearly bird” award, since these concessionaires paid first.


Customers of Esplanade were also asked to vote for their favorite stalls during their visit. The “Gusto Coast” winners who garnered the most votes are, Vintage Alley (1st), Vega (2nd), and Zippy (3rd) for the LS stalls, and, Chicks2Go (1st), CCC Food services (2nd), and Designer Co. for non-LS stalls.


With a generous premium, the “Seas the Day” award was also given to the top-performing concessionaires. Vega won 3rd place, while Vintage Alley placed 2nd. The overall winner of Esplanade (that received 50% off of the concessionaire’s fee) was Chicks2Go.



The following generous sponsors and co-presenters helped make Esplanade: The Seaside Market possible.

Esplanade1718_34  Esplanade1718_35

Esplanade1718_36  Esplanade1718_37



The event would not be as successful without the leadership of Pamelo Deyto and Sabrina So, who stepped up to be the Esplanade project heads. Special commendation is also given to the core team and the volunteers for doing a job well done. Indeed, Esplanade: The Seaside Market showcased MEcO’s main core competence of financial literacy by giving the MEcO members the opportunity to practice it through operation and supervision of their stalls.


Join Us, You Must.

Written by Michelle Tiu and Angelica Tancinco / Poster by Anna Abastillas
The force is calling you to an exclusive screening of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.
The force is calling you. Ready your lightsabers on December 15, 7:30 p.m. at Cinema 3 U.P. Town Center, because MEcO Movie Screening is featuring the most awaited movie of the year–Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Don’t worry, no spoilers here, but we do have some great news though. MEcO in partnership with its sponsors is hosting its movie screening which has been a project highly anticipated by movie junkies. Every year movie fans join the hype by coming together for a night of movie appreciation, catching up with friends, and freebies!
Movie Screening 1718_0
For only 400 Pesos, you get to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show along with other Star Wars fans. A bundle ticket promo is also available for grabs. Buy a bundle of 3 tickets for only 390 Pesos each. Now you have more reasons not to watch SOLO! Not only that, attendees will be taking home goodies from Jack N Jill, Nissin, Shakeaway, and Great Taste. We would also like to thank Converge who helped make this event possible.

What are you waiting for? Buy your tickets now at, so you won’t be the LAST JEDI to miss out! We choose the light side of the force. How about you? Like Jyn Erso, we hope to see you there, and may the force be with you.

Acoustic Night: MEcOnistas, One Night Rakistas!

Written by Angelica Tancinco / Photos by Mark Anastacio
Right after the culminating of SOM Week came another event MEcOnistas highly look forward to which is the return of Acoustic Night for its second year. MEcOnistas were given the chance to unwind and bask in the live music and the chill ambiance of the night.
Acoustic Night 1 1718_1
Hosted by Ateneo MEcO’s Fund Management department, Acoustic Night paved an avenue for MEcOnistas to showcase their talents through live performances as Ateneo MEcO not only invests in stocks but also in the talents of its members!
Acoustic Night 1 1718_2
This year’s Acoustic Night was held under the cozy and warm lights of Yellow Flame Bar and Grill in Kapitolyo where we got to witness the amazing voices of MEcOnistas as they sing their hearts out to their own rendition of OPM classics such as Aiza Seguerra’s “Pagdating ng Panahon” and Eraserhead’s “Huling El Bimbo.”
Acoustic Night 1 1718_0
Fitz Shioda and Brandon Alonzo kicked off Acoustic Night by serenading the crowd with their original compositions. Spotted in the scene were some of last year’s and this year’s MEcOustics members.
Acoustic Night 1 1718_4
One of the highlights that night included the performance of Andrew Niguidula where the crowd surprisingly and harmoniously sang along to the his rendition of “Pare Ko” and “Narda.” On the other hand, Migs Caparas’ came prepared with a sawi song by Hale entitled “The Day You Said Goodnight.”
Acoustic Night 1 1718_5
Acoustic Night was definitely not just a night of live music. It was a night where people took a break from academics and work and instead focused on something one would regard as the important matter–family and friends. At the end of the day, here in MEcO we are all family.

FM DevSeries: Pitch Your Ideas to Walrus and Tortuga

Written by Michelle Tiu / Photos by Red Fabros and Monica Dimapilis

MEcOnistas were given the chance to test their creativity and skills in pitching product and marketing ideas to the owner of Walrus and Tortuga Katipunan.

With Ateneo MEcO’s rebranding, one of the things included is the M.A.P. (MEcO Advancement Program). This revamping gave birth to a new DevSeries by the Human Resources department. Various departments will take turn in hosting workshops and talks specifically for its members.

FM DevSeries 1718_1

Held last October 4, the Fund Management department (FM) hosted the first ever DevSeries for the year to further immerse freshmen and FM members what their department is all about.
Special guest Zachary Riskin, co-owner of Walrus and Tortuga Katipunan, came by to talk about entrepreneurship based on his personal experience. Surely, the crowd of Ateneans were thrilled to get to know the secret behind Walrus’ famous chicken skin.
FM DevSeries 1718_2
Like most startups, especially a food and beverage business with numerous competitors, the task of opening one with no prior experience was not an easy job. The most basic checklist to be completed was: have a good team, know the business’ market, have a good product, and be prepared to wait. To quote Zachary,
“The long fight is when the work really begins. No tangible reward in sight at first other than the continuity of the business. It takes a lot of perseverance and cooperation. You can’t just get bored, quit, or slack off.”
When asked what he thinks of money, he said,
“Every entrepreneur might be to earn money, and that’s not bad; however, one must not pursue money simply for money’s sake.”
“Money can give you freedom, help you help others, and ease your mind.”
FM DevSeries 1718_3
After the talk, MEcOnistas were asked to break into groups and socialize with fellow FM members. The task given was to pitch an idea that will help the sales of Walrus Katipunan to the owner, himself. FM members got competitive and started brainstorming for clever and even hillarious ideas for Zachary to declare a winner.
A couple of minutes had passed, and the teams were ready to pitch their ideas. One team pitched that Walrus Katipunan should host games. In addition, a Drinking Wheel, much like the Wheel of Fortune, can be an addition wherein in guests can test their luck and spin the wheel to win free food and drinks and have a lot of fun! Zachary loved their idea and finally declared them as the winner.
FM DevSeries 1718_4
Truly, MEcOnistas showed that they are more. Stay tuned because Ateneo MEcO has more in store this school year!

MEcO Pledge Week: Make Your Every Pledge and Peso Count

Written by Janella Virrey / Photos by Archie Bocalbos, Mariel Avendano, and Andie Lim / Interviews by Janella Virrey / Post-processing by Mariel Avendano

Pledge Week is a week-long selling event that aims to fund the Save! Campaign by garnering pledges from the students of the Ateneo community.


The last week of September ended on a good note for MEcO because of the success of Pledge Week 2017. Held last September 25-29, Pledge Week is a week-long project that aims to garner pledges from generous students who voluntarily gave different amounts of money to fund the Save! Campaign. All profits earned from Pledge Week directly impact the Community Development department and its Save! Campaign project.

Pledge Week 1718_1

Pledgers posing with their stickers and piggy bank

Save! Campaign is one of MEcO’s year-long initiatives that aims to teach the kids of its partner beneficiary, Kalumpang Elementary School, the fundamentals of saving and financial literacy, in order to propagate its core competencies not just within the organization, but also the communities outside of it. It aids in building the children’s awareness on the importance of saving at a young age— it teaches these children the basics of saving and helps them improve their saving habits.
For this year, the superhero theme dominated Pledge Week. Rigorous efforts were made to promote the event; these efforts were manifested through the dissemination of both traditional and non-traditional promos around the campus and on social media.
Pledge Week 1718_2
Main promotional poster by Ysa Cuison
During the event proper, the Pledge Week booths situated in Kostka extension and JSEC were greeted by an overwhelming influx of pledges, especially during the first few days. By pledging to the project, the students were able to sponsor a Kalumpang elementary student with a piggy bank— one of the most basic yet effective forms of saving for children as young as them. However, pledgers did not go away empty-handed, because in return, they were given free stickers depending on the package they availed. Since the theme for this year is focused on superheroes, the sticker designs were also superhero-themed.
Pledge Week 1718_3
Superhero-themed stickers designed by Mariel Avendano
Pledge Week 1718_4
Volunteer rovers wearing red hero capes
Pledge Week 1718_5
Pledge week booth at Kostka extension
Rapa Limpingco, co-project head responsible for organizing and leading the Pledge Week core team, had this to say on the turnout of the project.
“It went above our expectations. I feel like we were able to gain more than enough funds for the kids of Save! campaign.”
Archie Bocalbos, co-project head, also agreed that the turnout of Pledge Week was successful.
“Okay naman. We exceeded our expectations twofold. The turnout [of the project] will be helpful to the Save! campaign since the expenses will be covered.”
However, before attaining success, they still encountered difficulties in terms of planning and execution that slightly threatened the project. Upon being asked, Archie said,
“For planning, yung token na ibibigay namin sa mga pledges, as well as cost for pledging was hard. Yung pag-forecast ng demand for pledges is also tricky. [We also encountered difficulties since] this pledge week is not the same as the pledge week last year. Before, we only had fundraising, walang token. Now, we had to think of a product to sell. Execution-wise, mahirap yung [task of] organizing volunteers, as well as booth maintenance.”
Meanwhile, Rapa said,
“As for planning the project, we didn’t face that many problems. But, as for execution, I feel like we lacked in getting enough volunteers to continuously look for pledges throughout the week. However, overall, like I said, we went beyond the goal we set for ourselves.”
Considering that theme for Pledge Week was superheroes, both Archie and Rapa had persons in mind whom they considered as the heroes of Pledge Week 2017 and served as the primary factors that contributed to the success of the project. Without any hesitation, Rapa said,
“For me, there was only one primary factor [that contributed to the project’s success]— that was the commitment of the volunteers to raise funds and get pledges for the Save! campaign and the kids. And with that, the heroes for this project were those who pledged and those who worked hard to gain enough funds for Save! campaign to be a memorable one for the children.”
On the other hand, Archie considered the volunteers and his core team as the heroes of Pledge Week.
“Of course, yung mga volunteers, number one. Especially the freshmen who were consistent throughout the week. Siyempre, core team ko, sila rin nagplan nito— hindi ‘to mangyayari kung wala yung sila.”
Pledge Week 1718_6
Volunteers of Pledge Week, with co-project head, Rapa Limpingco
Bong Ramos, a newcomer in MEcO, shared to us his reasons for volunteering for Pledge Week.
“[I volunteered] because I felt like I wasn’t doing my job if I didn’t volunteer. I didn’t sign up for Save! campaign, so it’s my way of contributing to the organization.”
Pledge Week was more than just a simple fundraising activity. It sets the bar high for future projects of the same nature, since, it has exceeded the expected outcome in terms of profit and number of pledges. The tally of pledges amounts to a total of 560 pledges during the whole week of operation.
Yet again, another fruitful project for MEcO has passed, hopefully, signifying the onset of more successes in the upcoming projects. Kudos to the project heads, core team, and volunteers who made the event possible, as well as the generous students and alumni who pledged for the benefit of the Kalumpang Elementary School kids, the beneficiaries of MEcO’s Save! Campaign.