Heads Up! – MEcO Members’ General Assembly 2017

Written by Kevin Choa / Edited by Michelle Tiu / Photos by Issa Imperial and Emina Sotto
MEcO officially kicked off its twenty-eighth year last August 30 with the Members’ General Assembly. Members were introduced to the various projects being done in the organization and got to choose their departments they would be part of this year.
The hosts kicked off the event by introducing the organization, its core competencies of Impact Investing and Financial Literacy, as well as other goals set for this year. They pushed for members to be active, as MEcO’s various goals, achievements, and upcoming projects this school were announced. Discussing their own personal experiences and memories made as members themselves, the hosts pushed both old and new members to ask questions throughout the event to help them decide on how they could become active in MEcO.
This was followed by introductions from each of the six departments (Communications, Community Development, Corporate Relations, Fund Management, Human Resources, and Investment Strategies). Each department introduced their teams as well as pitched their respective projects and available positions for the year, while emphasizing their commitments towards pushing towards either Impact Investing, Financial Literacy, or in some cases, both. Following MEcO’s tradition of accepting students from all majors, all departments were open for all members to join, regardless of their skill sets and previous experiences.
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After the last department finished with their introductions, both new and old members formally registered into the organization and chose the department they would be joining this year. This officially marks the start of the year for the organization and its members, thus bringing the Members’ General Assembly to a close. Judging from the various faces seen throughout the event, it is clear that old and new MEcOnistas are more than eager to start a year of activities, projects, and experiences which push their personal growth and that of those within and outside the organization.