MEc Primer 2017: A Journey Into the Jungle!

Written by Migs Caparas / Photos by Monica Dimapilis, Mark Anastacio, Sidney Tan and Issa Imperial
MEc Primer 2017, Into the jungle is designed to soften the Management Economics freshies’ entrance into the Ateneo by bonding them with their fellow coursemates through various talks and activities.
INTO THE JUNGLE went the freshies of Management Economics batch Likha. Fresh from OrSem and SOSS camp, these freshies thought that they already knew what to expect from this year’s MEcO Primer 2017: INTO THE JUNGLE. Held in the dim-lit and appropriately decorated Rizal Mini Theater, coupled with the roaring and energetic hosts, facilitators and volunteers, this year’s primer definitely gave out a wild and lush jungle vibe.
But there was no such thing as too wild for this year’s bunch, for they were well-equipped with t-shirts. Along with their fellow freshies, they were grouped and named after jungle crawlers such as Tigers and Big Black Alligators. They were also led by their very own facilitators whom they themselves have embodied each designated animal through creative dance numbers. Together they had created cheers, or rather, calls of the wild, that will surely startle even the most DANGEROUS creature out there.

With that high energy of a place, it was only appropriate to have a proper medium in which these primal and wild energies could be channeled through. In the case of the Primer, it was a bunch of group dynamics and games. Activities such as Minute to Win It and Human Bingo were conducted in order for these freshmen to have fun and get to know each other a little bit more. The fun that the freshies had could be seen through their sweat and smiles as they competed in each event.


Of course all that adrenaline needed to be equaled out in some kind of way and what better way than having alumni speak in front to inspire these wild freshies in joining the prestigious organization? Alumnus Miggy Santos and Ivic Ong came to visit and delivered speeches for the organization as they shared their experiences and their “why’s” in joining and staying in the organization. It is very unarguable that MEcO has shaped these peoples’ lives, leaving the freshmen the question, “Will MEcO change your life as well?” (There is only one way to find out!)


As the day went on, the cheers and the roars started dwindling down, but it was time for one last activity: The Amazing Race! Although the weather was very cloudy at this point, the freshies were not disheartened. They actually felt the jungle vibe of the event even more! With that, they went around campus searching for stations in which challenges awaited them. The race featured a point system in which the very best team will be awarded after the event. This made room for the spirit of competitiveness, something that is welcomed in this intense activity!


Unlike every event, Primer: Into the Jungle featured high levels of energy and excitement, but like every event it needed to come to an end. The event ended with an awarding ceremony to the wildest of the wild. MILO ENERGY GAP award and the BEST FACILITATOR award, among others, were given out to those of who had the highest of energy levels quite akin to a fierce tiger. These awards were given by no other than the project heads Sidney Tan and Selena Yu.


Through this primer, the freshies saw a glimpse of MEcO and what it has to offer, and we hope to see more of these energetic personalities inside the organization real soon. We hope that the freshmen have enjoyed the event and we wish that through this event, they are more eager now more than ever to join the Management Economics Organization for more WILD experiences!