Plan Ahead: Investment Awareness Week 2017

Written by Janella Virrey / Edited by Emina Sotto and Michelle Tiu / Photos by Janella Virrey

Investment Awareness Week (IAW) is a newly-launched initiative of MEcO that aims to showcase the traditional and non-traditional ways of promoting the idea of investing to the Ateneo community. It serves as a pre-hook to the formal event Invest!

Held from September 11-24, Investment Awareness Week (IAW) is a newly-launched project of MEcO that aims to provide, communicate, and spread awareness on the importance of investing to the Ateneo community. Investment Awareness Week is a pre-hook to the formal event Invest!, which is a 2-day talk introducing the attendees of the said event to the world of investing. In line with this, Investment Awareness Week showcased what it would be like to orient the self towards making decisions on responsible investment-making, and hopefully through this effort, encourage the community to attend Invest! and begin their investment journey from there.
The initiative lasted a whole week and exhibited many different forms of campaigns not just around the campus, but on social media as well— ranging from traditional promos posted on social media such as GIFs, invest stories, as well as choose your own invest simulation games, to non-traditional promos such as posters and pathway tarpaulins.
IAW 1718_1
Poster designed by Cara Glorioso posted along Dela Costa
Upon asking one of the project heads for the first-ever Investment Awareness Week campaign on the turnout of their efforts, Mariel Avendaño said,
“One of the difficulties we faced was the problem of manpower shortage. The lack of time also gave us little time for preparations. Learning to fit our project within MEcO’s timeline was also hard since MEcO has a lot of projects. Of course [our efforts paid off], I hope so. It makes me happy to hear that people have been responsive towards our promos.”
MEcOnistas were also excited about the initiative, since it was new and never-before-seen. Especially with the unique and various ways IAW had campaigned, the members of the organization did not miss these promos.

Much like the students featured on the invest stories, these people also know what it’s like to invest in something, even if it isn’t necessarily on financial investments.

IAW 1718_0

Students of the Ateneo community joined in and wrote their thoughts on the question “Kanino ka nag-iinvest?”
The first-ever Investment Awareness Week was indeed a laudable and successful effort since it helped the people understand the basics of investments, and how it can impact an individual and the society as a whole. Aside from that, it was important because the organization was able to share to the community its mission of impact investing and financial literacy— staying true to what MEcO as an organization stands and works for.
The 2-day Invest! series will be held on September 18 and September 25. Various speakers will be present to talk about the fundamentals of financial literacy and investing.
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