The perfect year-ender for the Bulls: LTS 2017, Legends of the Hidden MEcO

Written by Migs Caparas / Photos by Bea Chua, Bea Ladaban, Jat Caintic, Danielle Lambo, Dyan Yu, Sidney Tan, and Red Fabros

LTS 2017: Legends of the Hidden MEcO is a year ending activity designed to bring the Bulls of MEcO closer together through activities that hone leadership and other skills that are helpful in the workplace.

After a line of successful projects last first semester, the always busy Bulls of MEcO needed something to freshen and prime them up for the projects of the next semester.
LTS 2017: Legends of the Hidden MEcO was the perfect year ending activity for the Bulls. Not only did the event provide the Bulls with smiles, laughs and adrenaline from the activities, but it also equipped them with invaluable lessons and skills that they will hopefully apply for the next set of projects lined up for this semester.
Here’s what you missed!
LTS 1718_1
Activities that hone the creative juices of the mind
LTS 1718_2
Team Pride from each of the Tribes of the Hidden MEcO!
LTS 1718_3 LTS 1718_4
Friends–the old and new
LTS 1718_5 LTS 1718_6
Adrenaline-pumping, not-so-friendly competitions!
The participants were in for a surpise on the final night…
LTS 1718_7 LTS 1718_8
…a giant bonfire to further bring the MEcO family together!
Without a doubt, these bulls are ready for a second round at uplifting Financial Literacy and Impact Investing. The only question that remains; is the year ready for the MEcOBulls?!