Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas! Welcoming Night 2018


Article by Hannah Wagayen / Photos by Mic-mic Petilla

Welcoming Night is the first informal gathering of MEcO members. It establishes the culture and bond of the organization and dictates the impression of MEcO to its new members. This is where old and new members gather together and socialize with one another to further strengthen the familial relationship in the organization.

Welcoming night, an annual party exclusive only to the members of MEcO, was held last September 8 of this year at Xavierville Phase 3 Clubhouse. As the first social gathering after Recruitment Week, this event aims to welcome new members and introduce MEcO’s culture to them. Aside from that, this also served as the starting point of connections and relationships that bloomed between the new and old members.

Registration, which opened before 7 in the evening, became the first stop in stepping into the Las Vegas-themed venue. The room was dimly lit by string lights and adorned with red, black, and gold hanging decors, colors that were supposed to give the ambiance of the glowing city that inspired the motif of the event. Attendees were free to get food and drinks from the serving tables.


MEcOnistas posing in front of the display prepared by the production team of the event

Cory Pavia and Amira Villareal, the two hosts, broke the ice at the start of the program and kept the party lively until the end. There were 10-minute breaks in between the performances and party games, to give the attendees ample time to play and win prizes at the game booths situated around the place.

Six MEcOnistas volunteered to play the first party game led by the two hosts, in which they danced and twerked to shake off the Ping-Pong balls inside a tissue box attached to their own bodies. The game provided a lot of amusement for both the game players and the audience, resulting to echoing hoots and cheers in the confined venue.



Participants shaking off the pingpong balls

Mesh Enguerra and Bianca Doria were invited to sing in front of the attendees. Enguerra, along with Aleli Bisnar and Marco Young, her instrumentalists for different songs, set the ambiance of the party so that the attendees could relax while they socialized with each other. Doria, when it was her turn, pleased the crowd with singing hit songs and encouraged them to sing along. The audience were buzzing with energy even as the second song performance ended and was succeeded by an all-female group of dancers. Leanne Tan, Julianne Nagtalon, Cory Pavia, and Gaby Yambao caught the full attention of the audience as they danced to the music with their own moves and steps.


Mesh Enguerra for vocals


Aleli Bisnar on the ukulele


Marco Young and Mesh Enguerra performing their intermission number

The dance performance was immediately followed by the second game, which was a throwback to childhood party games. The game, called Musical Chairs with a Twist, was joined by 10 volunteers. The instructions were the same as the original game, only made unique by the twist. While marching around the ring of chairs, the players danced until the music stopped and they scrambled to sit in a chair.


The program ended with the whole party singing the Happy birthday song to one of the core team’s project heads, Javi, but this only signaled the start of the dancing and the mingling that lasted deep into the night.

¡Vámonos de parranda! Welcoming Night: Cinco de MEcO

Written by Migs Caparas / Photos by Greg Tam, Mark Anastacio, Willette Lim and Jayvee Sinon

Welcoming Night: Cinco de MEcO is a project of the Internals department designed to welcome and form bonds between old and new members. This makes the organization more work-friendly and effective in the long run.

Shortly after being introduced to the Management Economics Organization and to their respective departments through General Assemblies, the new and returning faces of MEcO were greeted by a night of fun, food, and company. This year’s Welcoming Night “Cinco de MEcO” made sure that the members of the organization were well-bonded, welcomed, and ready to work for the busy year ahead.

Stories were shared, games were played, and bonds were formed. MEcO believes that this was how great years should be started—with food, games and a whole lot of fun.

Welcoming Night 1718_1

MEcO has its core competencies namely Financial Literacy and Impact Investing. However, as equally important, is how the members of the organization are formed. Projects under Internals, like Cinco de MEcO, are what make that happen.

Luigi Posadas and Abbygale King started the party and set the party-mood by lending their energies as the hosts of the night. After they called on the project heads Shaira Santiago, Willete Lim, and Mico Madamba they led the guests through a series of party games to break the ice!
Classic games like Musical Chairs and Plate Relay were played, but all included fun twists that brought both the fun and the welcoming atmosphere to the start the night. This was all intended to make the first major event of the year a blast for the members.


Veteran and fresh faces were present that night. Both old and new members interacting with one another was a sight to see, because that is the whole point of the event—to bring the old and new together to form one big family for the year ahead.

 Welcoming Night 1718_2

Welcoming Night 1718_3

Vice President for Community Development, Paolo Rosete lunges at the MEcOBull Piñata because what is a Mexican themed party without one?

When all was said and done, hosts Luigi and Abbygale dropped their mics and gave way to the dance floor. ¡Vámonos de parranda!

Welcoming Night 1718_4

Welcoming Night 1718_5


 Guests’ sweet tooth were satisfied by our generous sponsor, Pepero, who provided Casa MEcO with a supply of White Cookie Pepero.

The MEcO veterans had their fair share of fun, but they were not the true stars of the night. The real stars of the night were the new members, the freshmen of the year! The new Chiquitos and Chiquitas of MEcO no doubt had their fun. The warm smiles on their faces as they left Casa MEcO was a great indicator not only for this year, but also for the years ahead of them

Welcoming Night 1718_6

Station 1: Old and New Faces of MEcO

Article, Interviews, and Photos by Michelle Tiu and Dorothy Palafox 

QUEZON CITY – With MEcOnistas dressed up in chill Luau outfits, surrounded by the smoky barbeque grill, drinks on one hand, and hyped music, the Welcoming Night of the Ateneo Management Economics Organization was definitely a success on the night of September 17, 2016.

Hosted by our very own Ivic Ong and Bea Ladaban, Station 1 was able to fulfill its purpose of gracing both its old and new members with a year starter filled with stories to share and sound expectations to look forward to. It was certainly a night where new friendships were formed, stories were shared, and great memories were made. It showcased that Ateneo MEcO isn’t just about the serious things; we also like to have fun. These are just some of the reasons why Ateneo MEcO is definitely worth being a member for!

In the sea of people, there were a few Humans of MEcO who caught our attention. Here are what they said about Station 1.

unnamed (17)

Fernando Sison


Joined the Investment Strategies Department

Since MEcO is your home organization and Station 1 is your first college event, how do you find MEcO so far?

MEcO is good so far. People are nice and genuine.

What made you join InStrat?

I’ve always been interested with the stock market.

So what are you expectations this year?

At the end of the year, I want to learn how to invest and understand what I see when I look at the PSEi.

Do you plan to be active?

Yes, I do!

unnamed (18)

Francis Guevarra


Joined the Investment Strategies Department

What are your thoughts on MEcO with it being your home organization?

Okay naman. I’m glad that I joined MEcO because it’s filled with nice people and “home” org talaga because MEcO really feels like home.

What are your expectations from the organization?

I want to learn more about investing stocks.

If you are to describe the Station 1 Humans of MEcO with one word, what would it be?

Welcoming! They’re all nice and chill.

unnamed (19)

Danielle Lambo


Joined the Communications Department

Why did you join MEcO?

I actually joined with my friends who are also not from AB MEC. It’s quite different from my course, but I heard madami raw guwapo rito. Kidding aside, I heard MEcO is a fun organization. They have nice events and programs.

What do you think of Station 1?

Sobrang chill. When I meet one member, that member will also introduce me to another. It’s like a family!

unnamed (20)


External Vice President for External Affairs

As a senior, what are your plans before going down from the hill?

I want to get to know the members more. Gusto kong makilala ang mga pag-iiwanan ko ng MEcO.

How do you find Station 1 this year?

Solid! Natutuwa ako dahil madaming freshies and nag-attend this year. I think that is the most important thing in GAs: welcoming new people.

What are your goals as the current EVP of External Affairs?

My plan is to bridge the members of the organization from inside out since it’s what External Affairs is all about. I want to connect the members to the outside world, and build partnerships that would cater to our core competencies, one of which is the recent UPJFA partnership.

What is your take on the thrust of Nation Building?

I want to build on the Community Development. Not a lot of people see its importance, but they are actually those that create an impact in our society.

Do you have any message you want to leave for all the MEcO members out there?

As a graduating student, I did not just fall in love with the organization, but I fell in love with its everything. I hope everyone will see the importance of this organization and its core competencies. I hope that the members of MEcO would be active and would make an impact in our society.

Indeed, the MEcOnistas had their own word to say not only for Station 1, but also for the whole MEcO family itself. Watch out for more under the Humans of MEcO! Your own story might just be featured next!

Special thanks to the entire core team of Station 1, the sponsors, and the whole MEcO family making this night possible.